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Romania - I can guide you through Bucharest :-)


I just return from a long trip to England. One year, in fact.
I'm living in Bucharest now and I am available to show the best part of this city... in case you didn't discover already. Smile
You can question me about everything and I will surely answer on this topic.

Come and visit Romania and the capital city, Bucharest.
The cheapest hostel is 12 euros a night for a dormitory, 32 euros a double room (with bathroom).

The transport in the capital city is quite cheap, compared to UK or France or Austria... Smile
What do you recommend about Bucharest? And what are the drawbacks?
Hey I love Romanian women. They all seem to be beautiful. :p Might be a misconception on my part though.
I've never been in Romania, but I heard there are a lot of changes since last few years. What are the hotel prices in Bucharest?
Romanian women are awesome!!! i know from experience if you know what i mean...
I went to Romania in 1995, not long after the troubles. I was filming a Land Rover trek in mountains in the north of the country. The people I met were very friendly. Some were extremely poor but happy. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of respect our guide had towards the local peasants.

We only visited a couple of towns. We went into a bar and I had a Coke in a glass bottle. As everyone was leaving I went to go with them taking my glass bottle. I was quickly informed to go back into the bar and finish my Coke. It felt a bit strange.

The only other thing I remember was seeing guards with guns on the Hungarian-Romanian border. It was my first encounter with loaded guns and it stuck with me. There was no trouble, but I can't help wondering what might have happened if something that we were carrying was seen as suspicious.

EVERYBODY loves our women. They are quite pretty indeed.
The secret is that Romania is some kind of "Latin island in a Slavic see".
Well, we have Latin roots, mixed with a lot of Slavic and, if you know some history, Turkey (Ottomans) were here for couple hundred of years.
Mixed genes = beautiful women. ha ha ha

My girlfriend is with me now and she said that this mixture of genes failed when it comes to men. So, our women are too pretty for us; we are fat ugly bastards. ha ha ha (HEY! She said that not me!)
As a Romanian (a guy who see Romanian women daily) I find also pretty the Slavic girls (Czech and Russian).
But what do you think about the "chic" French and Italian stylish girls? And about the "intelligent-face" English ladies?
I don't recommend Bucharest in a cloudy weather. The city is a little dirty (a little more dust than regular - but don't forget that this city is placed in a dusty area of this country - in the summer the highest temperatures in Romania are in Bucharest). So, cloudy and dusty... you may not like this.

But when the sun is up (70% of the year) the city starts to worth the trip.
Romania is also well known for their monasteries - all the tourists choose to travel by car... but I am from there and my grandfather took all his nephews (I was 12 then) by foot. THIS is a great experience!
This Moldavian monasteries are not far away one from each other you can start and see all of them in two days (or three if you are fat like me. Smile ). You can sleep and eat in the monk area (every monastery have this) for a small fee.

So, this summer I intend to go there again... any "voluntaries"?
I forgot to say that 90% of the mineral waters could be used for your health. There are special hotels near the "water areas"... you can choose this medical trip: you will drink a lot of water Smile, you will breath a very fresh air and you will go on and IN the mountains.

Hey! Some small agencies are offering cave tours: We have a lot of caves, some full of water (my friends go to dive "professional" in these caves - like a regular diver).
I can also post some pictures if you're interested...
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