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The Fountainhead-Rand Ayn

This is a great book based on the life of a student of architecture who has been expelled fm a school of architecture just bcoz he made the designs which were completely new and not of that based on traditional concepts.those designs were not liked by the teachers.however he had deep belief in himself that whatever he did was right.the book opens up a new way of thinking in the field of Architecture.the book is a bit philosphical but a must read for everyone especially those who r related to field of Architecture .
I've been meaning to read this. Although I think Rand's philosophy is overly idealistic and highly flawed, her stories are always a good read. Have your read Atlas Shrugged?
I don't know why, but I always thought that Ayn Rand's novels would be incredibly boring. However, I finally broke down and decided to give Fountainhead a try. What a great decision! Fountainhead is very easy and enjoyable to read. You don't need to love architecture to enjoy the novel, just like well written novels with excellent character and plot development. I can't wait to start Atlas Shrugged.
I read this my junior year in High School. I feel that this book teaches on to love your ego. It places ego, and individuality on the pedestal. While I no longer 100% agree with the book I believe it holds powerful lessons of self-acceptance, ego, the human race, and not of just thinking outside of the box, but of being out of the box. After going through the book, I believe it has helped give me some insight. One should never change themselves or live behind a mask. The key to living free is to let go, be yourself, and realize that the only pain you have is the pain you cause yourself. Thanks for posting this topic abhishek! ^^ I got excited when I saw this. lol It has been 2 years since I read the book.
I read this book more than once. A fantastic book, so was "Atlas Shrugged" and the more romantic novel "We the Living". I read the last two also more than once. The feeling I had when I read them was one of awe, that one could find people like that who could stand up to society and follow their own dreams, whether society believes in them or wishes to persecute them or not, all of it being completely non-negotiable. Society would call it very selfish. In a way I think that is a selfless act of expressing oneself completely with no compromise.
this book is nothing, i haate this book
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