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LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys

I'm not sure how many gamers there are on Frihost, but I hope this helps anyhow.

SCEA has given out 10000+ beta keys to various American gaming sites; they've mentioned long-time gaming websites will definitely get them and it is up to them on how they'll distribute it. has an undisclosed amount of beta keys (in the thousands) for their members. You need to submit an email to them with an idea for a level. When you get the key you have to make that level. has 2000 beta keys for their members. They ran an OnTheSpot episode with a Trivia Question at the end. You need to answer the question correctly to get the beta key.

Game Informer has an undisclosed amount of beta keys for their newsletter subscribers--not magazine subscribers. It is already going on now and they may have already been depleted. has 1250 beta keys for their members. They're going to run a live video event and in it are details on how to get the beta key. This will take place on 09-29-08, Monday.

LittleBigPlanet™ News Site has an undisclosed amount of beta keys for their members. They only hint at online beta access with the post "...Monday..." Be sure to check out their website on 09-29-08, Monday.

G4 has 2000 beta keys for their members. They're going to host X-Play to distribute their beta keys. This will take place on 09-30-08, Tuesday.

There are hints that,, and other gaming sites will also be getting beta keys, but I cannot find how many they have to distribute and how they are going to distribute them.

In addition, Sony has been giving out LittleBigPlanet beta keys at live events.

I hope this helps.


1) Public Beta Ends October 11th, 2008

2) You must use a consumer PLAYSTATION® 3 system that is connected to the internet.

3) You must have a PLAYSTATION®Network Account.

4) If you have previously redeemed a LBP voucher code, you must delete any old LBP data (along with save data and game data) and download this version (go to Download History and redownload the new code).

5) This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.

6) Please refrain from creating anything inappropriate, as we do have moderation in place and it may result in your account being suspended or banned.
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