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Wallpaper site

i have two wallpapers sites please look at them and comment
which one looks beter?
how could i make it look better

Thank you
Can't say I'm too fond of any of them, but I think the second one looks like a better website, and the domain name isn't as sketchy as the first one..
The first site wasn't loading. The second site was pretty nice. The only thing that was really lacking was a catchy URL.
you need content, you've got about 10 wallpapers...
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The other one seems a bit very below average. It just doesn't stand out. Maybe a mismatch of colors.
i have updated bestwallpapersite
thank you for your comments
Hmm.... still has the design and feel of those advertisement sites that take over old domain names.. there's very little personal touch to it I think. Are you using a template? There's no real presentation of the website, and also, you might want to try find a niche of wallpapers to host.

To create a successful website, you need a clear idea, a vision of what the website will look like, what purpose it should serve. It has to target an area that there's still a need for more content. If you just have a general wallpaper website, there are hundreds, or rather, thousands, of websites that have more content, better layout, etc, than your website.

Personally, your websites doesn't give me anything. You don't fill any of my needs.

Again, if you are going to have a "general" wallpaper website, without going for a niche, you will need a massive amount of content, and with content, I mean wallpapers. And it has to be organized, and searchable. Otherwise all of the alternative websites beats it.

I hope I'm not being too harsh on you here, I'm just trying to point some things out, giving you constructive criticism.

Hope I'm able to help, otherwise, feel free to contact me, either through PM, or through this thread.
good sites
good sites
the first one is far better than the second. The second looks like a personal site, whereas the other looks more professional, just by the layout...
Many beautiful wallpapers here, no doubt about it.
I miss some info of which size the wallpapers are in. And if I'm looking for a spesific size, I could filter the wallpaperlist, so that I only needed to see wallpapers that fit MY desktop.
This page looked professional. But it was very irritating with all the empty categories. Either remove empty categories, or put a number behind each category so that we can see which not to click on...
I would also like more size-info and size-filtering on this site aswell.
yusiyuseff wrote:
i have two wallpapers sites please look at them and comment
which one looks beter?
how could i make it look better
Thank you

My suggestions for the first site:

Move the first of the advertisements beside the text about the Simpsons.
Move the second ad below the Most Recent Wallpapers.

My suggestions for the second site:

The site needs a logo at the top with the site's name Smile
I think there needs to be text above the images that tell you the category of the wallpaper, even if the image makes it obvious. It lets people know that when you click the banner it will take you to all of the wallpapers. At first I thought it would take me to a page where I could view a larger picture of the tiger, and where I could download it.
How is THIS picture a wallpaper? There are a few pictures like that on the site.
i have sold the website they are no longer nime but thank you for all the suggestion i could apply them to my new websites
You don't have a lot of wallpapers.
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