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Website space

Is there anyway that I can upgrade the amount of disk space I have?
I'm not able to pay for anything as I'm not old enough for a credit card or anything but was wondering if I could get more space somehow.
Due to the fact my website is a games website ([url][/url]) the games to tend to take up quite alot space and want to expand my website as I am getting quite a few hits everyday.[/u]
no you can't upgrade, not even with money.

We have only one option, which is actually quite big for a normal site. If you use more you should think about putting some ads on the website and collection the money with paypall. Then you can probably find a webhosting provider that accepts paypall.

If you can't earn enough money with the site, but do use more resources than we provide I think you're doing something wrong.
What kind of resources do you provide?
He means that if you are using more space or bandwidth than provided than you need to get some money and get a paid hosting account. They'll increase your bandwidth and space for your account, allowing you to host more.

Frihost provides 10 GB of bandwidth and 250 MB of space per account.
no I didn't mean that. I mean that you can get a paid account somewhere else.

We have only one package, advertised over the whole site. We don't accept donations (I personally do Razz ), and we don't have paid packages.
I think that the "resources" provided are perfectly fine for a small website. I mean, for something a bit bigger yes you'll want to buy a hosting account.
The thing is I have no credit or debit card so I can't do that.
Then...find a different free host that provides more space/bandwith. Not trying to get you to leave Frihost or anything. Just saying. Cause that'd be your only option, pretty much.

Although I don't think you need a credit card or debit card to have a paypal account. I mean people under 18 make their own sites and generate money from them. Don't ask me how though cause I wouldn't know.
I ever thought I needed more than 250Mb space for my site. However, I found it is true that 250Mb is really enough unless you want a file storage.
I am sorry to hear that .
I just went through your site.
Since it has a large compilation of the games with more to be added, you should look for some ad-supported free game website host, if you are running out of space. (though Frihost does offer quite a lot!)

There are some free hosting providers for game-related sites, that do offer reasonable amount of space and bandwidth, if you are willing to put up their ads.
Right now, I can't recollect the names, but you can search on
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