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I had to give up my cats

We've had two burmese for five years now, and for the first few years they were beautiful and a joy to have around. However after they reached adolescence they've completely changed.

They began spraying around the house - and I mean everything. Doors, windows, my cd collection (ruined, by the way - no amount of cleaning seems to remove the stickyness), my computer keyboard, kitchen benchtops, you name it. We tried any number of behaviour modification techniques for this, from using cleaning agents, odour pellets to repel them from certain areas. We tried letting them out more, but they got into more and more fights with other cats and this didn't seem to help the spraying much.

They were de-sexed at an early age, this is supposed to lessen the problem, but in our case it didn't help obviously.

Eventually we moved house and the problem only got worse. So, we had to give them away. A very hard decision to make, but we couldn't afford to have our baby daughter crawling around in cat urine. They were also spraying our towels etc, so heaven knows how much of it got spread around over the last couple of years.

Anyway, I hope it's a decision you other cat owners don't have to make.
Is it a common behavior for this breed?
I have and had male cats - shorthair tabby, persian mix, russian blue mix, grey angora mix - in pairs, not neutered, except the last one (it was another country,where this was not a common practice).
They spayed on occasion only: to overpower the stronger other male smell (if human male sweats a lot, has not deodorized stinky boots, or another male cat marked outside the front door). No stickiness at all.

Much better with neutralized cat, but he still patrols perimeter of his home, and sprays if senses other cat, outside the house only.

Spay pet odor eliminator, enzyme action, worked well enough.
I have also had several male cats but never had this problem. None of mine were ever ''purebred'' cats, they were just what are referred to in the US as alley cats. (mixed breeds) For many years there has been a major public effort here to control unwanted pet populations so all of my cats have been neutered very early. Usually around 6 months of age. Most of our Vets (animal doctors) won't do it any earlier than that. It's easier on the animal if you do it at a young age instead of when they are fully grown. And, I guess, having them neutered at 6 months could have been what stopped the problem from ever starting. Once they begin to spray around the house, even if they are neutered later, maybe it could be that they would still continue to spray.

I hope you were able to give your cats to someone who could give them a home where they are outside so the spraying won't matter so much.

Wow! I haven't heard of anything like that happening. It's very sad you have to give up your cats, but if it is a new born, it was right to be careful. I have a cat and he is not that violent, and is mostly mild, and calm. But, I guess every cat is different for a reason.
I lost my cat some days ago to, its hard to forget, i know Sad
It's a though decition you had to make, but I support it. We have eight cats, so I know what I'm talking
about. Cool
The males here get castrated the minute they start marking turf (that's what the spraying is about). It's not
100% certain that it works, but it never failed here.
There are lot of things you can try, but fact is, if a cat has been able to start with this behaviour, it's really,
really hard to get them to stop. They feel the smell of a female miles away, and sprays more and more just
to let them know where they are. And we kind of get that message, don't we?
As for if it's race-related, I think not. Ofcourse, some are more domesticated then others, and that is positive.
I also think some can be genetic, but of that I'm not sure.

We keep one male who still has his nuts, around a year old now, and he's clean. His father is six years of
age, still carrying two nuts. Cool He gets female visitors some times, and then he put the 'smellers' on. Usually
they get to hang out in one room, and he stick to the designated place. =) The whole room smells after a little
while, but when the deed is done, it's just to open the window and all is fine in a while.

Oh, I forgot to mention, all of our cats are in-door only.

Once we got one of our kittens back, since his buyer had moved and had no room for him. He was deaf and quite
bossy with the other catz, but totally wonderful!! Unfortunatley he didn't hear when the other cats said that he
was to rough, so they didn't like him. He also had problems with his stomache, and often went beside the
litterbox. Shit is easier to clean, but still, we also have a child, and belive that domesticated animals shouldn't have
that kind of behaviour.
We tried to re-teach him for a couple of months, but without succes, so we came to the same conclusion you
did. Tough, but necessary.
Sorry to hear about your cats, hope your ok
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