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Staying Logged in a Serious Problem Since the New Server

Since the new server, I have had problems with staying online after log-in. I get kicked out of the Forums Log-In, and once that happens CANNOT log back in again. The reason being, my name still appears below as being logged in, the Forums page must think I am still logged in.

Very frustrating.

It is happening with my home computer, and I wonder whether someone can help me as obviously with the new server, something must be in conflict with some of my security settings perhaps? I have a dial-up system at home and up to the new server have NEVER had problems before. I could stay online for hours. My dial-up is in very good shape. Slower than ADSL but not that much. Perhaps I need some bells and whistles or to look at my Explorer settings?

It is very busy at work, so rarely have the oppoertunity to get into Frihost, but I tried it as a test and I have no problems here. Just at home, and it is especially frustrating since I really enjoy my late-hour sessions with the Forums.

Will be grateful if you could help me please.
Are you talking about your site or frihost itself?

Either way...
- Ensure that you clear your cookies then try again.
- Make sure you're going to (don't skip the www.)
The best thing to do is to remove our cookies (clearing all your cookies isn't necessary). If you have firefox, there is an option to display/remove the cookies, and you can remove all cookies from there.
This is strange, I have an account on the new server and haven't had a problem staying logged in... Sad
AftershockVibe wrote:
Are you talking about your site or frihost itself?

Either way...
- Ensure that you clear your cookies then try again.
- Make sure you're going to (don't skip the www.)

Thanks for the prompt reply Bondings. I am talking about Frihost itself, not the Website (should test that as well on my home computer as have not accessed that in a while). I am travelling right now, but at first opportunity will try and clear cookies on my home computer and see what happens.

I think it must be something in my Internet settings but not sure what.

I am typing this message from an Internet Cafe in Dubai (the previous one was at work). The Internet Cafe has also tripped while I was logged in, but allowed me to stay in longer, as well as able to log back in. At home, I had difficulty to log back in once I was kicked out. Smile
Bondings, I am now certain that the problem regarding being "kicked out" of the forum when I use my dial-up from home, has nothing to do with my computer settings, but perhaps the changes that have been made to the server. Perhaps you are now on different wavelengths/frequencies, so that my local provider, Etisalat, who is the provider for the whole of the United Arab Emirates, is in conflict perhaps with dial-up? I got a completely new computer last week, and had the exact same problems. I.e. cannot stay logged in for longer than a few minutes, and then when I try and log in after that, cannot, yet when I look at the bottom of the forum Frihost is still seeing me as logged in, when I am not. Prior to the Frihost Server changes, I had no problems at all and could stay logged into Frihost from my dial-up at home for hours at a time.

For ADSL there is no problems, and when I use my computer at work, I can post as I usually do. But with my dial-up at home, regrettably, cannot do my postings as I used to later at night.
In addition to my last posting regarding the sad situation of my brand-new spiffy computer not being able to stay logged-in with Frihost Forums, I have the exact same situation from an Internet Cafe in Dubai. Wonder whether North America has a different frequency, or perhaps works with satellite bandwiths? ADSL seems to be OK, but dial-up is not, and I am not sure what this Internet Cafe is using. OK, I have just checked. The Internet Cafe is on LAN fast-speed Internet Connection.
The computer geek who set up my spiffy new computer at home, also loaded Mozilla Firefox for my browser. About two days ago, I must have clicked on something that activated it, and all of a sudden I was using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. On my dial-up at home. Tonight I thought of checking up whether I would be kicked out of log-in with Frihost with Mozilla Firefox as well, and got a very nice surprise. I am still logged in and this is my second posting, and I have been through a number of screens. Think I am beginning to like Mozilla. Really happy about it. Smile
I am still experiencing problems with being spontaneously logged out of Frihost, while Frihost is still thinking I am logged in. I.e. my name still appears as logged in at the bottom of the Forums screen but I am logged out. I thought I had the problem sorted out with Mozilla, but tonight the same problem happened at home using a dial-up system, and a new phenomenon: the numbering of my messages did not click over from 621 to 622 and from 622 to 623. When I started I was on Posting 620 and after doing four postings tonight, it only moved to 622. While I was submitting my postings, the server came up with illegal notification, etc. etc. So was aware that something must have happened to keep the numbering the same as the previous posting that had to do with a system problem.
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