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1080p on dvd-r

i have read a lot of mixed answers about putting hi def movies on a regular dvd but no real answer. i have a hi def 1080p .avi and i have a 30" hdtv and and regular dvd player hooked up through component cables. i wanna know if i can burn the file to a regular dvd-r (or double layer) and play it in my dvd player without loosing the 1080p quality? i don't know if my dvd player supports divx or not. i have the little mp3 symbol, direct disk symbol, and some other things but no divx. if its possible, how can i do it? or whats the best hi def quality i can do it with?
You can pick up a HD DVD player for pretty cheap it can covert them up to the high def..
it goes up to 1080P same as the TV in my room.
it's the Sony Bravia HDNA.. it's a great TV.
I'd burn it to a dvd... use the correct aspect ratio..
When you convert for a old style DvD player the best quality is just DVD. The size of a full quaily HD movie is at least double the size of a DL DVD anyways. So the only way to watch you show in HD on your screen is to buy a BRay player. Or if you have a good video card you can hook your computer to your screen and play it that way.
for 30in HDTV umm 720p is more than enough I think 720p is pretty good on 42in too
on DVDR-DL i think you can meet that for sure Smile on regular DVDR I'm not sure but i think 720p can be possible depends on video length
1080p on DVDR-DL hmm maybe 1080i
I bet if you set it to 24 frames 1080i which is excellent will also work on DVDR-DL Smile
ForceRun got it right - the max quality you can get with a standard DVD player is DVD format, which is essentially 720x480... 720p, like fadirocks said.

If you want full 1080p quality, you need a 1080p TV and a 1080p source - the best of which would be your computer, through HDMI or DVI.
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