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WMV , Xvid Avi , wmm General quetion

i'm using a window movie maker to add a text over to the video & used the output of large size

By which i'm getting a large size but i have seen from some links that they put the video having very good quality in about 25MB & myself getting around 80MB

very much difference Rolling Eyes

then i used to try total video converter to convert that WMV file to avi by which the size does decrease but only at size of 320 X 240 Sad

i want to know is there any software which allows me to getting the output of XVid avi ( because i read a article that this format allows the good quality in less size) & have the features of editing the video to add a text just like Window Movie Maker.

Otherwise what do i need to get the output around 25MB of playing time 3:00 after getting edited from Window Movie Maker

Do anybody knows any software that allows to get the output of avi format having Xvid Encoder & the file should become less Question of size 640 X 480 Arrow

Any Video compressor or encoder have this feature.

Check out Avidemux. It is a free, open-source program that has multi-purpose video editing and processing capabilities. It also supports Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. Also it supports exporting videos to many different formats and codecs, including Xvid.
What About the quality & output size?
What About the quality & output size?

You can easily set these options to what you like.
nope this isn't that good for me

anybody knows other software having same function as WMM have & only addition it must have allow to XVid Avi output.
I like
i think ulead doesn't work on 800 X 600 screen

i tried it but got error of screen size while installation
Honestly the "best quality for playback on my computer" setting in WMM is fantastic, it's a great compromise between quality and size. I'd rather use that than mess around with complicated settings to be honest.
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