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Would you run for office?

With the increased scrutiny over every single faux pas you’ve made throughout your life, relatively low pay for our elected officials and the thankless nature of the job where you get criticized perhaps more than you get praise, do you think you would ever get into politics?

I grew up in a military household, joining the Marine Corp. after high school, and public service was always regarded as part of a citizen’s “duty.” Therefore, I always thought that once I got older I would get involved in some form of government. Mind you, I’m not talking about running for senator or president, or anything like that, but rather maybe running for school board, volunteering for legislators, etc.

But with such scrutiny and hate prevalent in today’s political landscape, I don’t think I could do it. I’m far from perfect, but I do think I’m “normal.”

Do I have some ex-girlfriends who could tell some stories of how I was a jerk before I was married? Of course there are. I was in my 20s! Every guy ends up being a jerk in their 20s, even when they’re trying to be a “nice guy.”

Are there stories out there where my buddies and I raised a little h*ll when we were younger? Of course there are. We were idiot guys! And in the Marines you have to do some idiot stuff to blow off some steam. Did we ever try to hurt someone? Well, maybe =), but mostly it was just knucklehead stuff: staying out late, drinking a little too much, trying to impress girls, etc.

Have I been a financial genius and never made any mistakes, ever? Of course not. I’m doing ok, but even the rich guys out there make mistakes. I have good credit and have a balanced checkbook and some savings though.

The list could go on and on. My point is, no one is perfect, but I feel like if a candidate isn’t perfect, then the scrutiny is all over him. I actually feel bad for a lot of these guys. They are under such a microscope trying to live up to standards that I find to be impractical. It’s funny how people will gasp when hearing about someone who is running for some office getting caught up in some “scandal,” that A) really isn’t a scandal and B) they themselves are guilty of.

For example, I used to live in this town in Pennsylvania and read in the online newspaper that some lady running for school board had to halt her campaign because her brother in law got caught up in a domestic violence case. Now, I’m not condoning domestic violence, but what does that have to do with this lady? Do the voters really think it’ll affect her on a school board? Is he going to come and beat people until they agree to vote the same way as his sister in law on what color to point the new cafeteria?

That’s the thing. Not only do you have to be perfect, but everyone around you does. It just seems too much for me.

I guess my question, has turned into more of a rant. Feel free to post your own thoughts.

It probably needs to be in the blood and people who have grown up in political circles, probably gravitate to this by being involved and being groomed in those circles. I guess all of what you have mentioned are very tough tests for them, and when they have been hand-picked to stand, they probably have already been subjected to severe tests already and have been groomed to brave all the storms, those that they can predict, and those that they have not thought about. For myself personally, this is a million miles beyond my own comfort zone. I can imagine however that some people are just born for it. They have to have an enormous passion to become President as well as supreme self-confidence, maybe also lots of good luck too. Or lots of help in places that we may not even be able to imagine. I am still thinking about how the present Bush got to be President the first time round. Think he reminds me of pure determination to succeed. Unstoppable and very powerful.
been there, done that

again? no thanks
i work now at the office
I would never run for office. Not because of the stuff you mentioned, but just because it corrupts people and makes them forget everything that's important to them for the sake of a few votes.

And you can say, "Well I'd never do that" but you're kidding yourself. Someone gets a little taste of even the littlest bit of power over other people and they become a tyrant. I never want that to happen to me.
Let's put it this way; I'm more qualified to be president than George W. Bush, but then again, so is ANYBODY who actually paid attention in their high school civics and history classes, and knows how to balance a checkbook.

But I'd never run for public office. I have too many documented instances of drunken shenanigans in my life. I've never gone to jail for any of them, but just because you get away with something doesn't mean you didn't do it.

"I'm really smart when I'm not drunk and flashing my tits" is NOT a good platform for a political campaign.

Well, in Europe, maybe, but not in the Puritanical Hypocrite States of America. I'd stand a better chance of getting elected if I was a Closet Bathroom Gay Sex Goblin like Senator (R) Larry "Wide Stance" Craig.
I would not run for a big office. Partly because it does put not only you, but your family in the spotlight...i could never do that to kids. But mostly I just could not compromise my values enough to get elected. Corruption and lying aside, even the most honest politition needs to give up his beliefs on a few issues in order to get elected and have a good coalition of other politicians...and I am too strong willed to do that.
{name here}
I'd never consider actually being on the ticket for a presidential campaign. It's an absolute circus today --- an elaborate mockery of the republican system at most. Without people willingly and able to inform themselves, and having the right political vigor, it can be nothing more than that.
furtasacra wrote:
Let's put it this way; I'm more qualified to be president than George W. Bush, but then again, so is ANYBODY who actually paid attention in their high school civics and history classes, and knows how to balance a checkbook.

Sorry, but I have to take note with this part of your comment. Obviously you're kidding, but I think it's this type of silly and "nasty" personal attacks on elected officials that's the root of the problem. And I'm not trying to pick on you. I know I've fallen into those types of arguments myself when getting worked up about an issue.

I'm not here to defend Bush, and you can disagree with his policies, actions, etc. all you want. But to make a negative personal attack when the topic wasn't even about Bush seems like a pathetic jab to me. Believe me, there are lots of actual issues over which I could argue why I have grown to dislike Bush's policies, such as his decision to occupy Iraq rather than just bomb, bloating the federal government in the last eight years, etc.

BTW... I couldn't help myself make a smart*ss comment: If your standard on whether someone is qualified to be president is just that they paid attention in class and that they know how to balance a checkbook, then you should vote for Obama. If you expect more from a president and require better qualifications, vote for McCain. (Sorry, I really couldn't help it. Laughing )
No way I would run for office. My wife wouldn't let me. Very Happy
I'd run for office if:

    I was the last man alive
    I was American ( since I'm not I can't anyway :/ )
    I was at least 40 ( seems to pressuring running for office... to much stress etc )
    I could get Mr Jack Bauer as my head of security
    I would get Hayden Pannetiere as my first lady :p

i guess thats about it :p
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