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First Google Android Phone

The news is out that the first wireless phone featuring Google's Android software is all set to launch on September 23rd, 2008. in the USA

Refer to this article:;txt

The cell phone manufacturer from Taiwan, HTC, is supposed to be manufacturing the 'HTC Dream' and the service is supposed to be provided by T-Mobile. At $199 for a two year contract, it is priced similar to the iPhone. What is missing in the picture is the true cost of the plan each month. I hope it is not as much of a rip off as the iPhone data plans which make you shell close to $70 -$90 a month with the $40 premium approximately just for the data alone.

What is your opinion of the first Android device? Would you venture out to buy one? Use this thread to discuss about this device with fellow Frihosters!
I think the phone dosen't look as nice as the iPhone and is a bit bulkier, and the user interface of the OS doesn't look as nice either. I've seen some video's of the phone in action and the browser's is also a bit slower than safari on the iphone when zooming in and out, and scrolling up and down.

Still, I think the phone has a lot of potential, and I'm betting that a future updates of the browser would improve its performance. I saw some vids for some cool aps as well, I'm hoping there will be a huge library to choose from soon. I also like the physical keyboard, I hate typing on the iphone. Since I am on t-mobile, the phone is tempting, but I think i'm going to have to wait and see what happens.

One last con about getting the phone is that T-mobile limits you to 1GB of data transfer per month, then caps you to 50 kbps afterwards. Sad

Edit: Looks like T-mobile made some changes and is removing the 1 GB cap. Thank the gods!
It is rather ridiculous that everybody is making some comparisons with the apple iphone. This is really the best example that a nice design can do a lot. Even the commercial boys and girls have a lot of influence. Some years ago there was a study that results in a remarkable conclusion. People doesn't like a device that combines a lot of functions. A phone should be a phone, a camera should be a camera, a GPS should be a GPS, etc... And now, some years later, the I phone is combining all these functions and seems to be a new hype... It is not strange that a lot of other marks want to bring an alternative. I hope that this is another start of an evolution, like with the color screen. The only thing they have to keep in mind is the price of the connections. For some people is the price of an internet connection to high, but they don't worry about the price of the (optional) mobile connections.

But nevertheless, I think that the android is a good alternative. If I would have to buy a new phone, this one should be an option !!
the phone is damn too ugly

waiting impatiently for a year like a fool.
wat wud be the cost???
It is cheaper than an iPhone at $180 with a 2 year contract with T-Mobile.

Would you opt for it?
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