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I've been asked to write one or more culture columns for The Anime Blog, and I'm wondering what everyone's opinion is of their coverage. Are they more on the kiddy side, or the adult side? I guess my question is, what age group follows the style of news here? I've been a little out of touch with the anime world since I went to Japan, ironically... manga is more my speed, and I don't know who watches what anymore. ;_; Please help me out!
Well.. In my opinion there's not really any age range for people that read that kind of news [Anime news If I'm not mistaken about your post].
I could say that since anime, like another entertainment things, is for all age, there's some anime that for kid, and there's some that for adult [or teen++ to be precise - let's forget about those hentai since it's basically porn.].

But if you want's to know which age that follow these kind of news, I think those who around 14~25 is more likely to read this kind of news, kids bellow 14 prefer only watching the anime and read the spoiler to brag that he know the continuation of the story, they usually don't have any interest to things like "what happened on japan that give any implication to the anime that he follow", or things like "there's some possibly good anime that directed by director x that will be out on y." etc etc

and for those that 25, let's say that they usually already working, and have not that much time like when s/he's still studying.

So, somewhere between "useful information" and "for lulz information" is good for site like that.


I hope that's the answer that you wants Razz
Pikokola, thanks. That IS the kind of info I need. :D
Truthfully, this blog seems more adult... In the way that it brings more in-depth information in a professional tone (and it reveals anime lifestyle stuff, which most kids can't really participate in...)
Whoa, what?! Kaze no Stigma Is Headed To The US?


Crap, I'd better finish up watching the series before they yank it off of Veoh...
Hmm, you think so? I think this is the level of stuff I expected when I was 16~18 or therabouts. What age would you put "adult" at? o.o?
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