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Forgotten Personalities of WWII

I am in the process of writing a book about individuals who for better or worse played a role in World War II but have been for the most part overlooked by history.

These are people good or bad who in some way should have made a mark on history.

Some examples include:

Dr. LTC Harold Alexander - Discovered that many of the deaths following an air raid on Bari, Italy was as a result of mustard gas stored on one of the American ships which was hit by the NAZIs.

Jimmy Baker - Enlisted in the Marines at age twelve. Later discharged.

Paul Carbonne - Corsican criminal in Marseille, France who collaborated with the NAZIs in exchange for protection of their criminal enterprises.

Paul Cole - British Thief, Con-man and deserter.

Velvalee Dickenson - American who was convicted of spying for the Japanese

David Frankfurter - Best known for assassinating Swiss NAZI Willhelm Gustloff.

Werner Goering - Nephew of Herman Goering who was an American bomber pilot.

Yoshiko Kawashima - Manchu princess who served as a spy for the Japanese.

Stella Kubler - Jewish woman who assisted the NAZIs in rounding up Jews.

James Monti - American pilot who defected to the Germans and later served them on propaganda broadcasts.

Sean Russell - IRA Chief of Staff who worked with the Abwehr.

Anyway I think you get the idea. My request is that if anyone who reads this can think of any names to add to the list or reference materials that may be of aid I would greatly appreciate a reply.

This is just a small taste of the hundreds of names I've collected and only very brief examples of the biographical information I have on each. Anyway any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You must have a never ending task. If you talk to anyone involved in WW2, there are thousands of men and women worth a mention for heroical acts of bravery, and comradeship. What about Brits, French etc i.e. the Europeans who were of course in the war from the begining, and don't forget the Germans who opposed the Nazi regeme.
I suppose it's very difficult to simply select certain individuals, because everyone who played a part in WW2 deserves to be noted as a heroical figure. My own great grandfather was Lance Sergeant Edward Hartley, who joined the Border Regiment in 1940 and served in North Africa in 1943. He was reported missing, killed in action, on 20 September 1944, aged 31. He was buried as an unknown soldier in Oosterbeek Cemetery and was identified by the Dutch Army Recovery Team in 2005, using regimental dental records and was subsequently remembered in a re-dedication service at Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery in The Netherlands in June 2006.

It certainly sounds like a lenghty but, i'd imagine, very rewarding task, and I wish you all the luck with your project. I wish I could offer you some information that might help, but you probably know much more than I could ever learn.
Very interesting information but I think as well that there is thousands of people forgotten in this world war Wink
{name here}
Try Witold Pilecki, a Polish military officer who willingly sent himself into Auschwitz in order to gather intelligence data for the Allies, then, when he realized nobody was coming for him to liberate everyone from the camp, he successfully broke out with several other prisoners, and also cut Auschwitz's phone contact. Later the communists unfortunately killed him and erased him from their history books because he was actually willing to fight against them, and as a result nobody has yet found his body, though it is assumed he was thrown in a dump.
Klaw 2
We can't all remember most people from the war because what they did was not significant,

What about hitlers nephew who fought in the US army, William Patrick "Willie" Hitler.
What about all the people in the Dutch, polish, french etc. etc. resistance?
What about all the soldiers? We only remember a few.
Any comments about Spike Lee's new film. Interesting.
IBM leaders sold sophisticated calculation machines that helped make the Nazis efficiently murderous. Can't remember their names, but then, that's the point, isn't it?
One of the great little-known stories of WWII is that of an old mate of mine. He was in the British Army in Crete when the Germans invaded, got separated from his comrades and avoided the German patrols. A local family took him in to hide him from the Germans and they treated him so well, even allowing him to make love to the daughter, that he decided to stay with them for a little while. That "little while" turned into 3 years by which time the Army had obviously given him up as "missing in action".

How he got away with not being charged with desertion when he finally did return to the army is a mystery to everyone. His mother & father had quite a shock when he went home as they though he was dead, but not as much of a shock as my mate got when he found that his wife was living with his someone else.

My mate has several other war-time tales to tell. Some of them may even be true.
This person is known in Canada, but not so much elsewhere:

Sir William Stevenson - The Man Called Intrepid
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