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Is SEO still usefull?

For small websites is it even worth the effort to SEO their sites even though the factual chance of getting a good or ok rank is very slim?
Yes it is worth the effort
 75%  [ 6 ]
No it isn't worth the effort
 25%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 8

I have noticed that many webmasters of all degrees say that using SEO techniques is really worth the effort... I seriously doubt this since there are thousands of sites that are also using the same SEO techniques if not better ones.

Sure I agree that making a site search engine friendly is worth while because in most cases it will also be the most standard compliant and universal.

Here is an example SWIM makes a site that is small but has some good content and he makes it search engine friendly. Since it is a small new site it will get a poor rank and thus few visitors from search engines so what would be the point of SEO?

Wouldn't it be more effective to concentrate on using techniques to attract users from other sites that aren't search engines?

The chances of getting hits from a search engine if your site isn't listed in the top ten results for common word phrases is less than 1%....
Yes, SEO still useful. But, however...

You will waste your time if you try to optimize your site with "common keywords"
because they are very high competitive.

First step to do SEO for your sites is to narrow your target group as narrow as
you can and then find the specific keywords (niche keywords) that your target
group always use them for search. That called "keywords research process",
of course, it will take a lot of time to do but it's worthwhile.

You should evaluate your capability that how many sites in each search terms
you can compete with. For me I only find keywords that have no more than
500,000 sites I have to compete with, when searching, if I found that there
are more than 500,000 results on SERPs (search engine result pages) I will leave
that search term and find another one instead.

Remember that if you cannot reach first to third page on SERPs it hard to get
traffic from SEO.

Good luck.
The search engines can give some extra visitors. I get approximately 75% of my visitors from search engines. It's not a big site so maybe it's not representative.

Some simple SEO techniques does not take very much time if you think about it during development of the site. Having proper h1 and title tags, relevant link texts and so on. It doesn't only help your ranking but can also help your visitors. Never forget your visitors. If your site is not good enough, visitors that finds it will not stay. Therefore you can to combine both. Other ways to get visitors is also good and is probably something that works more immediately than SEO which is a work for future.

Find the most important SEO techniques that don't take much time but is effective and skip the rest.
Yes. Search Engine Opitmization is worth to get traffic from search engine. But in my experience it is taking long time to get heavy traffic from search engines.
it`s worth the time spent because without the google, and other search engines, our sites will have to be advertised somehow else, and this is not a good think, and search engines are good.

I love when i have visitors and i`m on the first page on google with my favorites keywords.
Of course, on google only one of my websites was on first page ! so... is comsi-comsa Very Happy
SEO is always important, but you should never sacrifice useability for the sake of it.

No matter what size your site is, SEO can help your site. If you get even just a handful of visitors then it is worthwhile.

SEO gets you free traffic, and in general helps create a better experience for the user (because most of what we do for SEO does actually make the page more accessible and standard.)
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