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Im going to predict the future. Im no Gipsy fortune teller or religious god speaker. Im none of those, What I am is an educated individual. If you belive religion or magic your foolish. Believe in logic and get educated, if you don’t you will become the slave of intellectuals. Well Lets begin shall we.

First of all I would like to let you know the facts!

watch this:

If you’re dumb you have no hope. To survive in the future you have to learn how to control the technology so that it doesn’t control you. How much programming do you know now? That’s how much control you have. What you know now is obsolete. Learn every day or die.
I know some day technology will be able to surpass the human brain. This is when we will start seeing cyborgs. Humans will begin to put technologies into their bodies to become super human. The people in power will obviously not let people they want to control to become intelligent. If you’re not in the in-circle you are outside! At some point the most intellectual beings on the earth will have no use for human organs. This means that humans will be obsolete. A robot race will emerge. This is great though, because a robot society will be like a bee hive. They will work together for the greater good, for their survival, for more knowledge. There will be advanced robots and there will be workers, with cheaper technology and processing speeds. Robots don’t need to eat they just need solar energy which is infinite. This means they can space travel for infinity. The robots will not rust and if they are ever damaged they can repair themselves. No human error, no back stabbing, no greed.
petermilko wrote:
The robots will not rust and if they are ever damaged they can repair themselves. No human error, no back stabbing, no greed.

-Depending on what they're made of, robots would be very likely to rust.
-Self-repair is actually much easier for organics than for mechanics
-No human error? Machine error instead.
-No back stabbing? Unless the machines have a reason to
-No greed? No, not for money or material possessions, but they could quite likely have extreme greed for whatever they consider valuable. (new information? processing power/time? storage space? bandwidth? control over others? Depending on their motivations and situations, any of these could be the object of robots' greed.)

The line between mechanical and biological may become extremely blurry, but organisms will not easily become obsolete. (They've been self-optimizing for a long time, and the best imaginable machines would copy so many things from them that they would be mostly organic themselves.)
Where we going Mr. and Mrs Robot? . . . by Bluedoll

Interesting post, predicting the future is never an exact science.

A robotic society is certainly something to envision. If we look at our current technology advances, certainly we can see that there has been plus and negatives in that area. Although our machines might be called simple in the future, factory robots have helped society by reducing the work load and created new frontiers (from car factories to early steam trains – I know it is a bit reaching to call a train a robot but considering the definition of a robot I guess we could stretch it) and they have also taken jobs, making the worker obsolete and created their own set of problems. However it is really controversial just how machines will actually evolve along with the human race. The past has show us both do.

One prediction we once made about the future was that we would become a paperless society. That just didn’t happen. There are so many factors in our complicated human condition that it is very difficult for any intellectual(s) to predict.

The video meantioned above gives a lot of information but offers a very limited view of how things will actually evolve. Everything that exists in the universe does have an effect on something else, it’s true and whether we decide to take a point of view of devils advocate or saintly optimism – I suppose that too will have an effect on the outcome.
As an educated intellect i feel the whole community has a responsibility towards the wellbeing of it people & the universe.But,though science has broken many a barriers ,the world sadly has been entrenched in its own past. psychics & superstitions. when are we going to bring back some rationale in our thinking
Haha, unless we start equipping these robots with sub-machine guns and missile launchers, I don't think it will be possible for them to take over the world. First, for robots to accomplish something on their own will they have to be IA robots. If they're not, they can only perform tasks given them by humans.

When IA is advanced enough to be of use, it will probably be put first into commercial house cleaning robots that cant lift something more than 20 pounds... not a big threat. What you might be able to worry about is when it comes to military uses for these robots, but I don't think it would be at all sensible to put IA into a military robot, or at least enough for it to have it's own opinions on matters. You don't want to find your self being shot down by your robot-gone-evil. Probably, and IA military robot would do more harm than good.
Rather than try and predict whats the future - I'd rather refer to the SF writers who have written a lot on the subject.
Issac Asimov is one of my favorites and he has written a lot on both - the Future as well as Robots.


And after a lot of stories we finally had robots killing humans
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