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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility

Am i the only one looking forward to this game? I mean Natsume didn't always make the best harvest moon games, like the one for ps2, but this one looks kinda promising. The one Harvest moon game i liked the most was back to nature for the playstation. I spent hours everyday playing that a few years back. The new DS game looks nice though too. However, I don't own a DS so i'm waiting for the wii version of the game to come out =]
I was going to get this game right when it came out, but decided to wait since Nintendo Power gave it an average score. I found the Game Cube version of Musical Melody, which apparently great, for $15. So if I find I enjoy that one a lot, I might get Tree of Tranquility.
I won't buy it, maybe borrow. I borrowed all the Harvest Moon games because I'm sure I won't finish it - I finished the SNES version two times or so, but at the moment, I have A Wonderful Life and it's so BORING because I don't think there's enough stuff to do besides, the plants don't bring enough money, you can't get more than one cow pregnant, so it gets much too repetitive for me...
oh is the game out already? i thought it got delayed till the 30th? yeah A Wondeful Life wasn't that great to play. it didn't follow well with the normal gameplay of it all. hmm i never tried the snes version of it, maybe I'll go check it out.
Will there be PC Version ?
Cuz I remember hours spent by playing Harvest Moon on PS. This game is awesome.
Hmm... I hope they bring LOTS of improvements with this sequel, the last 3-4 harvest moons prequel give me same impression, and makes it somehow more boring than the sequel before it.
Even tough boring, it's still somewhat fun and good for killing time. But if they keep gameplay to be exact same and repetitive like the older series, I'll switch back to minesweeper to kill my time...
l played harvest moon alot on the gamecube but when animal crossing came i stopped playing it because animal crossing is much better than harvest moon qua gameplay
Nice! I've played all of the harvest Moon games, and i really like them. But, like the one for DS it can get pretty repetive Sad
I remembered playing a version of this for the PS1 and recently for the PSP (the futuristic version). For me it seems the same experience though. Kind of like the Sim City and Sims games, the kind of games you play but lacking interest to finish it all because of its repetitiveness.
What is the game like? Is there a story? Whats the point? How are NPCs?
Harvest Moon Razz I play this game in GBA and PC, so fun and i like this
I haven't heard about this one yet, when did it come out? is it new?
Why natsume never release the PC version of harvest moon Sad
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