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Fireworks3 Magic Wand

Ok, here's a dumb question.

In FW3 using the draw tools, I create an oval path. Then, using the pen tool, I twist the oval into an interesting shape with several closed areas and fill all with one solid color. Is the result a vector object?

Then I try to use the magic wand to remove the fill color in one closed area. No go!

FW3 says the magic wand can only be used on "floating image objects". OK, I give up! What exactly is a "floating image object"?

How do I convert this shape into a "floating image object"? ............. or any shape generated with FW3's standard drawing tools? Is a "floating image object" the same as a bit mapped graphic. How do you convert back and forth between vector and bit map images?

Help! Question
OK ........... solved my own problem Embarassed

After creating an object using FW3 tools you must export BEFORE you can use the Magic Wand on the object.

After object creation, just export the object as a jpg, gif or tiff. Then open it ( jpg, gif or tiff) in FW3 and you can then used the Magic Wand on that object.
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