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The net matter is long:

Have always been to have never heard before this song, until meet him on the net- the boon wears the rice boon moonlight, thering has been the boyfriend at that time of I is rampant to him incredibly, the crary internet access sees the 频 to chat with the language with him, he put me this song each time, in fact I hear not that clear, the miscellaneous 音 much is again, seeing him however to like so, I also accepted, however and privately still not how accredit.
When my boyfriend discovers, I feel that oneself is already to can not get away from him, howing just do not know taking or rejecting, that day my boyfriend make a phone call at the midnight dormitory, give me two choices, want the 么 break up with him, want the 么 pull him black, I slowly indeterminable, the sister of the dormitory bring pressure me, the affection on the net can proof against and what kind of test?I end compromise to boyfriend, following day, I meet him on the net, I say that you change does a name like?Like this I can continue to chat with him, I know like this not good, but I am really very happy he, he say not, I say the business of the boyfriend with him, he says that he pull the black also doing not change the name rather, in fact I thought of early that he would like this, he say that this net is in honor of he the first girl friend, she is his favourite, I am helpless, that is the last one time chats, he do not stop to put me this song, do not know that day why, hear incredibly specially clear, so desolate, he say that hear over this time, pull black, then I heavy the computer of 启 , he disappear in my world from now on.
From now on he from my world disappear, I have been reserving his mailbox with the telephone number, just don'ting be courageous and active to find him, things change with the passage of time, do not know that he would with what kind of mood to keep in mind to think a net without result matter.
From that hereafter I the every internet access is wanted to hear this song.
Hoping his one fine day can see my a son, I really miss him very much.The net matter is long, he is forever my favourite~~~~~~~
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