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The network chats the figure takes the place of the complete

【 1 word a 】

 119425 you as usual is to love me 12746 you disgusted dead 12825 do you love me 13456 you long for the futility 1437 you are a nerve 14517 you are my oxygen 14527 you is I love the wife 14535 you whether to miss I or not 14551 you is I am unique 1456 you is my 14567 you is I old wife 1457 you are my wife 145692 you are my favourite 1487 you are an idiot 1487561 you are an idiot to have no the medicine cures 1564335 good boring the hour wants me 1594184 you I am a lifetime 165 forgive me 6537 you ask for me angry 17382 your 欺s are bad to fear well 1748 you die 17868 you are full 18056 you ignore me 1837 you do not get angry 18376 you do not get angry 195 you seek me 198 you leave 1240 favourite is you 1314 whole life an a life time 1314925 whole life an a life time love me 1372 wishful 1392010 whole life love you a 1414 meaning meaning 147 an a life time feeling 1573 deeply attached 1711 of one heart and mind

【 2 word a 】

 210 love you 21111 love your 100,000,000 yearses 21161 love your 10,000 yearses 211701 love your 1,000 yearses 21184 love your lifetime 2131999 love you miss youLong once in a very long while

【 3 word a 】

 311 miss you 31921 miss you and then love you 319421 think that you are to love you 3113 miss your whole life 311 first according to you 3707 love( the BP pours to come over to see)32112 think of your love 32169 want to love you for a long time 3217778 want to blow the breeze with you 331335 want that you want me 3344 generation after generation 3399 long long once in a very long while 356 internet access 喽 35911 miss that I am a little bit and long 359258 miss me and then love me 361 think of you 369958 absolute being save me 3731 sincerely true idea 39 thank you

【 4 word a 】

 441295 thanked you to love me 4422335 want me every moment 4457 return to machine soon and soon 456 is I 461 remember fondly you

【 5 word a 】

The 505 SOSs of  517681 I must make track for you 511 I according to you( I since)51121 I still love you 51195 I want you get married me 51396 I wanted to go to bed 514 have no the meaning 515216 I already have done not love you 51621 I still love you 51821 I already do not love you 518721 I love you during a lifetime 51921 I as usual love you 51930 I as usual miss you 520 I love you 5211314 I love your whole life an a life time 521*010000 I love you-10,000 years 5213344587 I love the constant heart in your generation after generation 52194 I love you arrive die 521 I would like to 5231 I be in love with you 5241 I love is you 52416 I love the dead you 526 I hungry 5261 I dark 恋 you 531 I miss you 531184 I miss for your lifetime 53217778 I think with you blows breeze 53416 I want to die you 53517231 I miss that I already be in love with you 5361 I think of you 5366 I want to have a chat 5376 I get angry 53719 I deep feeling as of old 53771 I want to be close close you 53782 I in a bad mood 53881 I want to embrace you 53981 I want to beat flat you 541186 I is your girl friend 54133 I is your husband 5416 I is your 5417 I is your wife 54164 I is your teacher 54174 I is your wife 54186 I is you eight 5421 I only love you 54335 have no matter want I 543721 I sincerely love you 54431 I always miss you 5452831 all the time do not miss you 546 I lose 5461 I remember fondly you 5491 I find you 54921 I always love you 554528196 I all the time companion you or so 555呜呜呜

【 6 word a 】

 619 go to the permanence 6121 lazy manage you 6785753 old places not leave without seeing each other 6868 slip away!Slip away!687 Sorry

【 7 word a 】

 71345 ask you to believe me 716 get up 71626 ask you to stay 716519184 ask you to let me dependent on during a lifetime 7186 7 fall 7187 invite you do not walk 71885 ask you to help me 721 endearment of 729 drink the wine 7319 everlasting 737421 this present life present lifes love you 73748196 this present life present life companion you are or so 73817 deep loves fear the 缘 shallow 741 grieve you 7418695 in fact you do not understand me 745 grieve me 745421 in fact I am to love you 7474174 depart this life the dead you die 74839 do not want to walk in fact 756 pain 765 dance 7758521 close kiss me I love you 7678 eat satisfied 771880521 close close you embrace you I love you 7731 in complete rapport 7752 close close I love 775885 kiss close I embrace me 77543 guess who I am 77895 tight hug I 786 eat satisfied 7998 walk

【 8 word a 】

 8116 ignore you 8113 companions your whole life 8174 grieve you 8184 baby 819 bowlings 811176****

【 9 word a 】

 912535 beg you love I miss me 917753 call you eat the lunch 9189 beg you do not walk 911 according to you 918 more power to you 921 love you 9213 love deeply whole life 931 like to miss you 93111 wish to see to see you 941194 tell you a matter 95? Save me 98 good-morning 987 sorry 99113148875 beg your whole life an a life time do not abandon me 9918875 beg you do not abandon me 995 save me 9958 save me

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