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Most the return card that praises

Hugging the lord is really a good a son
The you handwriting work is whole,
The style of writing is very good,
Just think the quick in action,
Gifted with photographic memory,
Cold window in decade,
Widely read much just,
See to much know widely,
Just high eight 斗 ,
Learn to enrich five car,
Versed in literary and military arts,
The male 韬伟 is slightly,
The manner of speaking is extraordinary,
Talk to smile the information,
Talk extravagantly,
Very happy,
Strategy 帷幄 ,
Talk Chien the idea 赅 ,
The perfection has no to lack,
A the needle sees the blood,
Farsighted superior insight,
The positive phrase in righteousness is strict,
Complete in one breath,
Demonstrate the powers,
Speak eloquently,
Appear lost in thought in to turn,
Leave a good name to posterity,
In all seriousness,
Kill two birds with one stone,
A long statement,
A great service to mankind,
Prevail over the consensus,
Make vigorous efforts to turn the tide,
Long 虹 in贯 in spirit,
Vehemence pound 礴 ,
The spirit swallows the country,
The fortitude and resilience do not pull out,
Earnestly practice,
See the dead if return,
The 英姿 is shining,
The hardship struggles,
The loyalty is not the 渝 ,
A the 鸣 is astonishing,
The winds and clouds of 叱诧 ,
The row mountain pours the sea,
Situation full of danger,
As powerful as a thunderbolt,
Sweep thousand soldier,
See to sew to put the needle,
Penetrate everywhere,
Denounce orally and in writing,
The text is agreeable from the word,
Perfect in every way,
Make great effort to make country strong,
The life ambition flies in the void,
Have great foresight for the future,
Meekly tolerate insult to take heavy,
Fascinating flourishes in dancing,
The body is concurrently the few job,
The day manages ten thousand machine,
Very perspicacious,
Astute and resolute,
Divide time the 术 ,
I wait the model

At next to your admire its the water of like 滔 in feeling 滔 Yangtze River,
Continuous not unique

Again if the yellow river inundates,

Hey Hey
Surprised world!
泣 ghost absolute being!
Touch the heart!
Feeling the person sheds tears!
Of i u!
Yangtze River empress wave backs the ex- wave,
灌 water hero one after one generation

Like to stick...
See again...

See again to is not generally of O.K. stick...

It is not another to like to stick...

Like to stick is to like to stick...

Like is to like to stick good...

It is to like to stick to stick...

It is not another to like to stick...

Like to stick is to like to stick...

It was someone or other ever to asked me...

Rare O.K. stick...
The article of the floor pig simply is a surprised world...
The diagram text combines luxuriant...
Point out is phrase...
Bring our is a sense of vision to ascend only of feel...

Gravely mistaken...
The article of the floor pig brings our is the deep place in mind shocks...
The article of the floor pig is to denounces the book...
I admire such as 滔滔 river's water to the floor pig...

Remembering a tall person says...
Heaven under, thick soil on, unexpectedly like this strange person 异 private, scholar writer!讥讽 in talk to smile, smile to scold in invisibly, high level of structure, deep state, not I wait can and, idol!!!
In a joy for consecutively seeing over this empress, my heart once in a very long while can't suppressing, vibrated whole life!How would be like this ingenious and incomparable O.K. stick?Dive many years in bbs in network accidentally, from think to stick outside person, why the 肖评 says, can
The 妄 moves the friendship shouts!Thought of the unexpectedly like this good discount in today never in at present, concussion!
Floor pig, is you let again profound realization in accidentally young and small mind build the high and deep aim what, style of writing it write freely..Thank you!
At see over this son later on, I begins to reply immediately, because I fear to be late of replies to can't make the more people comprehend your saint clear, with to make this etc. net last rare O.K. stick now the round sinks, I can not bear such criminal charges!More important is, can in such importance, 精 open up but again and vividly stuck son empress, stayed top the oneself's net, this to my lifes, and my family, is to my of socially be heart that what honor that a matter, please the nobility but tolerate again, can forgive my this small small selfishness!
This stick to conceive outline the handiness, the angle of view is original, the skill is novel.The word word considers, a sentence is elegant, details turns and twists, but do not leave the center thought again and always, fascinating, light speech inside, the big truth of the manifestation life, well now you

Deep culture bottom 韵 and the social experience that enrich, really satirize its classic it may be said, call names it to learn extremely, this is exactly my generation studies hard the stuffy reading pursues of to high state!
In regard to the angle of the art, this son has for classic it make, but it of the meaning is however the far the classic of far larger than oneself.So-called:" scold but invisible, 讥 in have no the 影 , smile to scold in really show 功 !"The floor really is main not the 愧 is to satirizes the boundary new generation open the mountain long hair founder!
Originally I already to this is phrase community despair, felt that this community is impossible to have again the tomorrow, the in the mind is filled with sad.But this son of the you that today see, let afresh again accidentally hope of coming in sight of the gossip.Is heart that the spark that the you let my in the mind set alight the hope afresh, is a you to let jump to move afresh again accidentally, is a you to rescue accidentally a cool cool heart, and saved a stupid soul!
Will have decided accidentally originally can't at is the phrase return to any a son, but today does obeisance to read the high you makes, telling the such classic in oneself accidentally that it is what must return that it stick!This is thousand a hundred yearses version friend 翘 an in order to wait for of O.K. stick!The heaven opens eyes, let accidentally at is dispirited and discouraged to the community can view gets such fascinating and incomparable O.K. stick!
Floor pig, the you is is the hope of the phrase, the you wants the load rises is prosperous and big term in phrase!
Will follow you accidentally and certainly or so, accidentally resolute this stick to will rise by all means the brick that throw the function leads the jade, even believing firmly at accidentally living its year to there will be the similar pig in pig in floor in more elephants by all means to speak without any inhibition to the gossip, announce esteemed view, ignore tomorrow would be how, tonight in a dream, accidentally meeting the smiling face is brilliant, because of, knew accidentally and finally, this time human life, get this stick, having no the 憾矣 !

At see over this son word by word and sentence by sentence later on, my heart can't be calm once in a very long while, shocking!Why would like a son that like?!Many years in bbs in horizontal network in my 纵 , from thinking any further can't there is any a son can move me, have never thought to come in sight of such ingenious and incomparable like this an a son today.
The floor is main, is you let me comprehending profoundly' person the outside is someone or other, there is day outside the day' this words.Thank 侬 !
At see over this son later on, I did not replies immediately, because I fear me the vulgar replies unbearablely compromise this net the last rare a son.But I replied still, because feel if can't leave behind at the such fascinating a son own net, that I die too can't the purpose of 瞑 !Can leave own net an a matter for is how pride behind at the such fascinating a son!The floor is main, begging your pardon my selfish!
I know that describe the floor lord you with the how gorgeous 辞藻 regardless the fascinating degree of a son is all not enough, is all hypocritical, so I think only of to say a: your a son is too good-looking!I would like to the lifetime sees the bottom!
This son conceives outline novel, the topic has the mental strategy only, the paragraph is clear, details 诡异 , fall the 宕 rise and fall, the main line is clear, fascinating, mild display the extraordinary literature 功 bottom inside, is witty it may be said, a classic, is a model that my generation should the study.
I will have disappointed to this community originally, feeling that this community had no the prospect, the in the mind is filled with the woe.But saw your this son, let me producing the hope to the community again.Is a fire that you let my in the mind set alight the hope afresh, is you make my heart cold ashes burn again, is you rescued me a stirs the cool stiring the cool heart!
I decide originally and can't return to any a son in the community, but saw your a son, it is what must return that I tell the oneself this son!This is once-in-a-lifetime O.K. stick!Heaven contain eye, let me getting the such fascinating and incomparable a son at the excellent the can view in year that living............
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