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Chang'e accepts the plastic surgery

The Charng-er is boundary an an an an an an an an an an an an a day the first beauty, everybody knows that she is the lover of the Jade Emperor, the goddess the Queen Mother also knows certainly, so punish her the sparse and wide and cold temple in a wide person live, prohibitting to set foot in the paradise.However this is difficult to do not live the Jade Emperor, 隔 three bad five steal the joss-stick to the wide cold temple still.

There is a 21th centry A.D. for ising a year in the human life, in the sky on first, turning the eye arrived the human life.The wide and cold temple that is on the moon the heavy a 幽 sighs.Is a Jade Emperor to does not come for a long time, the Charng-er worries.But the Charng-er worry still not only these, see in mirror recently, she discovers in astonishment the oneself is old.Originally this in the sky fairy although longevity, this" not old" is a life span only long just, don't is a forever all young 靓丽 of, otherwise the forehead come to that to come old and old and little little?Resemble too platinum star, and also is not to living to come to beard a big?The Charng-er's concurrently personal maid in toy figurine the moon son surmise host idea very quickly, it just take advantage o the Charng-er sleep the lazy 觉 the human life turned a turn, in fashion" artificial beautiful woman" in there, then the Charng-er of 撺掇 comes down to earth.The moon son pulls the Charng-er walked into the first building, the doorway hangs" the beautiful woman designs the room" of brand, on the wall all is a the beautiful woman of the crest class, doctor an each point to see the Charng-er:This is a 芝芝 , that is a small barn swallow, still having the 露露 end, asking:" like who?" unfortunately Charng-er who too incognizant, have to the unclear saying:The most beautiful that.

The Charng-er entered" the beautiful woman processes car", is beaten anesthetic, 觉得医生s 在自己身上锯 ? ⒏畎 . 舛槲嵌⑷搿恢痪蹙谷凰帕恕The surgical operation proceed very smoothly, very successful.The last house that Charng-er enter call the beautiful woman embellish the car, a few hairdressers give her the 描 eyebrow painting lips with meticulous care, dying the 彩 a series ofly after processing, Chinese beautiful woman's Charng-er became great and western and beautiful woman's Mary's 莲 .Dream 露 !

The Charng-er flops a the gold of the yellow 澄 in box 澄 , pull the moon son haste to rush through in the sky, think is a to Jade Emperor consumedly surprised and pleased.Canning not consider of the goddess the Queen Mother prohibits the rules that her set foot in paradise, the Charng-er goes straight to with the moon son south a door that lead to the paradise, was however blocked by two a soldiers:" stop!Why square demon?" the moon son is great anger:What demon, open the dog see to see, this is the lover of the Jade Emperor Charng-er!A soldier not letter, at the right moment there is the day of the bewitching treasure in license 镜 will pass by, will toward the Charng-er that day on shining on:See the person in the mirror only the bridge of nose 硅 gum fill, on the breast the two greatest regiments jade color that is also a soldier of the gum form thing shines on will whisper to the God that day several s, a soldier is busy respectully a the 躬 put the Charng-er into the door.

Charng-er a familiar road rounds to work properly the 宵 treasure 殿 , intruding in to resist the garden, run into the Jade Emperor by the side of lotus flower pond as if deep in thought.The Charng-er is coy at shouted the a" jade 郎 ", the Jade Emperor turns round on seeing, frighten drop into the lotus flower pond almost:" you, you is who ah?" the Charng-er is coquettishly on twisting the waist limb:" incognizant?I am your younger sister Charng-er!"

The Jade Emperor is still meticulously:" really, you too facial plastic surgery?"

The Charng-er is surprised:" are you how can anyone know?"

Jade Emperor not answer, just two eye hairs keep a ground of seeing direction Charng-er's rear, the Charng-er turns round on seeing, get a shock, see only numerous 彩s practice the pretty woman, escorting an excrescent familiar looking beauty walks to come over.

The sudden" oh my!" in son in moon beside the body in Charng-er makes a noise, pointing the beauty to point the Charng-er again, coulding not say the words.That beauty sees the Charng-er, 忽 a 凤 eye circle 睁 , the eyebrow of 柳 arrives the 竖 , drinking the way of 叱 :" who are you?"

The Charng-er then thinks the other party is the new sweetheart of the Jade Emperor, as well the 怒 can't suppress:You again is who?

Beauty the pretty woman beside the body is big to drink way:Courageous shameless woman, saw the goddess the Queen Mother and still does not kneel down!

" what, is goddess the Queen Mother?" the moon son stammers out:" why do you grow the elephant the Charng-er?" moon son like this on saying, the Charng-er just realizes mistake, the other party 确 is an ex- oneself in facial plastic surgery.

King's mother laughs wildly a, say disdainfully:I love to resemble who elephant who!Say who you are quickly!

The Charng-er says loudly:I is just Charng-er!

King's mother also ate a surprised, step out of the car round the Charng-er turned three turn, then speak up:Ah, you too facial plastic surgery?Charng-er's among the living has kept two the flame of anger of milks very prosperous, say:What?You can is old 娘 how?Two womans sees mutually angrily, suddenly two people wash the Jade Emperor nearby, the one person pulls and drag him an only arm.The Jade Emperor felt that body is quick to is pulled to spread, losting patience, on jumping old and high, jilted to open two womans:Do not 争 , I am not also a Jade Emperor!I am too the platinum star!

What?Circumferential person a while whole 愣 .

Originally the first several day of Jade Emperor with too the platinum star goes around and inspect to the human life, seeing the human life is the handsome boy's beautiful woman everywhere, a pry, entered a hairdressing hospital then, three times five divided by two became the oneself the romantic handsome boy, again and compulsory too the platinum star is whole own appearance, return the forehead for oneself be bad.

" where is the jade 皇 ??" king's mother ask with Charng-er as one man.

Too the platinum star breadth 袖 is on flicking:See the there!

Appear in public a satge for first the light spot is lousy only up, a handsome boy wears the bottom of 露 of of jeans, full head Bang type of five 艳 six the hair of colors, the hoarse dint 竭 ground sings" I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOU!", stage bottom, strange 斗 in争 in assorted" artificial beautiful woman" 艳
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