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Ike's A Dyke

So on the 14th I had a soccer game scehduled. Ike got near Ohio (its winds) and it was a big impact in the game. Everytime someone kicked it really far the wind added a nice touch of 90 degree curve to it. We were all bending it like beckham Laughing

Anyways we tied (4-4). We came back at the end. Wink I made a sweet assist (hightlight reel B-) ). So then after the game I go home to find my computer off. (good thing I save every 5 minutes ^_^ ). Then I find out Ike's winds went through the town. Worst part its day 2 1/2 and no power at ALL. NO TV, No Computer, NO Internet, and no Regfrigerator. Luckily my dad (the handy technician he is) found a way to power up our fridge.

So now I am stuck at this library writing to FriHost why I have been inactive. Power is gone, school is out :mellow: , and I am BORED to death. No power = no fun.

Oh also trees were knocked down and one tree fell onto our lawn. LOTS of tree were knocked down. I saw one fall down as well! And there is this tree I saw that hit ontop of a house and another on the fence. Yea, lots damage (minimal) has been done here. But I am very lucky. Texas wasn't. :\

I don't know when I will be getting power back, today I was suppose to go on a field trip but school got cancelled. Oh well. Off for now

Till then Frihost,
Nice game!
I got over 5 inches of rain out of Ike to go with the 6 inches of rain the day before. I am lucky compared to others. No power loss, just some impassable roads. Munster, Indiana is 15 miles north of me and it made the national newscast. My heart goes out to all that weathered this storm.
ANyone dealing with the aftereffects of Ike - My prayers are with you!
Er, do we really want to be throwing mean D words around?
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