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new zune firmware

the site came up at 6:55 this morning and i didn't have time update cause i had to go to school. any fellow zune lovers pleases leave reviews. thanks
I'm also busy, but what changed?
I'm hoping we got most of the features everyone has been wanting. I mean they sort of screwed up a while back (which is when I got my Zune) by removing features
* MixView – A new graphical interface in the Zune Software which generates suggestions on a selected artist based on related artists and ZuneSocial friends. You can sample songs, and with ZunePass, download to your collection
* Channels – Dynamic playlists that automatically update. Subscribe to them just like Playlists.
* Picks – Personalized suggestions from the Marketplace based on your own listening habits. They include Channel suggestions and ones based on friend’s listening habits.
* Buy From FM – While listening to a radio station that transmits its songs information allows you to tag songs you wish to download.
* New Larger Capacity Devices – New 16Gb and 120Gb Zunes now available (in black only…so far).
* A Clock on the Zune device – Yes! One of the features that has been desired from day one is now shown on the home screen menu (only).
* Wi-Fi Marketplace and Search Feature on the Zune device – Now download, stream, and update content directly from the device. A new search function give you access to all of the 3 million+ songs available on the Zune Marketplace!
* Wi-Fi Streaming – You can sample songs directly from a wi-fi hotspot without doenloading (30 seconds only, unless you have a Zune Pass, in which case, you can listen to the entire song)
* AudioBook Support – AudioBooks are not directly available in the Zune Software (yet?), so you’ll need the 3rd party software (AudioBook software) to sync to your device. Good thing is, if you don’t have any, you won’t have that menu option on the device (this is also true for Podcasts)
* New ‘Now Playing’ on Zune device (no more Quicklist) – Quicklist has been replaced with ‘Now Playing’ similar to the software. I really wish, in the future, there will be ways to save those songs as a playlist – I’ve created killer playlists, only to have to delete them or change them for one reason or the other.
* Games – Yes, they're official and you’re going to get two games free with the update and the best part is the Zune will not restart when you exit them!
* New Now Playing Screen (Software) – now the Now Playing Screen will automatically show the currently playing artist with related information. Also, MixView will be accessible though this view.
* New Manual Sync – Now you’ll be able to truly manually sync your device instead of having ‘sync groups’.
* New Backgrounds – 2 new backgrounds will be available – Zero which is white, and Nexus which is a new design
* New ‘Delete All Zune Pass Content’ feature – which will delete all subscription content if you ever need to.
* New ‘Show Duplicates’ feature – The software will display duplicate songs in your library.
* New Zune Social profile features – It won’t be beta anymore. New badges and a refined Social profile page resembling FaceBook. Oh! And Zune won't be a bad word anymore (plus some others)!!
* New Artist Page info – Now check out concert dates and see how many times someone has favorited that artist.
* New Search in Zune Software – Will display close spellings when typing in the search bar, and simply start typing and a dynamic search will begin within your library (without having to select anything which is different from the current one).
you also get wifi in mcdonalds
Yay for "Remove from now playing" feature!
I mean, how many times do you "quick list" some songs and need to start all over because you want to remove a few?
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