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Suggestions for a weak stomach?

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who gets nauseous quite often? Stomach cramps/pains... blah blah blah.
Yep. See a doctor. Occasional nausea is nothing to worry about but if it is regular and frequent then you need to get it checked-out.
It could be that you have a food allergy, it could be a medical condition or it could be stress/nerves related - either way you should consult your GP.
I kind of have a weak stomach like that, so I carry antacids and just eat salad with my food (I heard it helps absorb oil or something... well it seems to help for some reason, anyways.)

Chamomile tea also helps me settle a meal and soothe an upset stomach– especially if it has spearmint or lemon in it.

Ghost Rider103
The best thing to do would be to see your doctor.

Salad can help in absorbing oil, and other fluids of the like. Also bread can sometimes help absorb fluids as well.

It could also be a nerve problem. Allergy is probably not really as common as the other reasons why this could be happening, but it definitely is possible, but probably unlikely.
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