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Does anyone use

What do you think about it?

I love what I've seen so far... I think it's a great way to learn about new artists and discover new music.

What do you guys think?
I use it. There are some topics in this forum about it, too. Mostly I just use to track what I've listened to and then listen to music with iTunes or Pandora-fm which combines the superior (in my opinion) musical choices of Pandora with the tracking ability of You can find it at
I use/like Last.FM, but not all the it doesn't really accurately gauge what I'm listening to anymore...
patoy open the doors for new artists and independent bands. I think this is beneficial for the artist and the listener.
InsanePL is nice for scrobbling but for listening music i prefer

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As u see I love Arctic Monkeys xD
I love scrobbling and having a record of what music I loved at different times in my life, but the radio frankly sucks. I often get the same few songs over and over, and usually the music has nothing to do with what I would like. Slacker is much better for radio.
I agree with most of the posts above. is a great site to scrobble music, look for new artists and keep track of which bands you listen more to, etc. As for their radio... It's not the best thing in the world, but as a whole, is great and I recommend it to all music listeners.
I've never heard of or used before now.
I used to use, but haven't for some time now.
I'll have to look at this
I dont use's radio a lot. I mainly use it to track my listening habbits, compare them with my friends and discover new music through the Reccomendation service.
I really hope Pandora comes to canada one day... meanwhile i have discovered new artists with very very cool... worth a try

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Honestly love it, discovered some great artists through it. It's interesting for statistics and provides great flash widgets Very Happy

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i use it ...but never discovered some special band or stuff .....
I've certainly encountered a couple 'new' bands of my liking, when using though using it as an actual representation of what music you like might go a bit too far.

Plus, it keeps recommending me these heavy metal bands - I mean, I hate grunts. Really. But doesn't really see the difference between clean and distorted vocals.
I dont know but listent on my country fm
I use Last.FM and I absolutely adore it. I've had my account since 2006 and I've discovered tons of new music through it. I confess I spend most of my time online there. Very Happy

To one of the users above: Thank you for the Pandora.FM link! Sounds great and I would love to try it out, but Pandora is not available in my country. Sad
A shame indeed... about 2 weeks after I discovered it, they made it unavailable here too. Sad
I'm use it every day!
It is very good site!
It's a pretty good way to find new artists that have the same style of ones you already know. Of course, Pandora makes it a little easier with whole songs, but LastFM has a pretty good system. Also, it logs songs that you have on your Computer that you play often, which is nice.
Like everyone else said its great to find artists that are similar to artists that you like but that's about it for me. I hate that you cant fast forward through tracks
It's perfect for checking out new tunes and also just when doing some trivial work and wanting to listen to more or less the same genre for a long time without having to decide what album to put on next, when the first one finishes...
I usually use to look back on all the songs i used to listen to aaaages ago that i havent heard in a while and should listen to more, alot of them bring back memorys of past summers and thinggggs.
Its good to find new bands too, and the recommendations are quite good.
Hm, that reminds me I haven't checked my LastFM in ages... it grows dull after the novelty wears off.
Yea I use it and I like it. It's pretty awesome. It let's me find people with similar music tastes, let's me discover new bands/bands similar to what I already hear, and it's a good way for up and coming artists to promote themselves. So that's pretty great. Even better, now we can listen to the full track of some songs. Very Happy
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