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How much have you lost in the market this year?

I'm sure there are those who are up this year, but most of my invesments are down. I'm not a trader or anything, so I just throw my $$ in the 401k every pay period and also have a few mutual funds I contribute to. Part of me thinks I should keep throwing in $$ to buy shares at the low prices (buy low, sell high), but part of me hates seeing my balance dwindle more and more.

My 401k is down about 30% for the year and 15% overall. My mutual finds are down about 17%. "Luckily" I have over 30 years of work to look forward to the balance rising, but still...
I actually work in the mutual fund industry. It is actually pretty interesting to see the current trend at what people are doing. A lot of people, even the younger 20 some crowd are moving a lot of their investments into short term reserves and will then being moving back into funds once the market starts doing better. Essentially and potentially buy high.

I myself know better(at least I would like to think so Wink) and have been essentially doing the opposite of them. Actually being even more aggressive and purchasing more of the stock funds making my portfolio essentially 100% stock funds. I myself have a long time to go before I retire hence me being extremely aggressive.

As long as you are well diversified and investing in all parts of the stock market, you are already doing a lot just to reduce risk.
I have little money to invest now, so I have no money on stock markets. Have chosen safer investments through rrsp.
Not to brag, but I made over $10,000 this month. Not with stock trading, but with option trading. Basically, I bought puts (similar to shorting, but safer) on SPY and other tech stocks, such as GOOG and BIDU. Even if you don't trade options, learn to look for bullish sectors. Right now, consumer products and discretionary are bullish, while the rest of the market is heading south. I really don't believe in the buy and hold investing, cause money flows in and out of sectors. Look at energy. If you held on to energy, you basically lost everything. Even as a long term investor, you need to know when to cash out and move your money to another bullish sector.

2000 bucks
What do you think the ban on short selling will do to the options market? I know it's only for 10 days intially, but if options traders (and stock traders for that matter) short puts they'll have a harder (and costlier) time of hedging their positions.
I have lost alot in the recent ecomomic downfall I have lost about 300-500 dollars in just a few shares. The markets are really broke. We need to fix this.
well, that's why you don't invest in things, ay? Razz

I saw it coming, so I lost 0
My investments are giving me good returns in Indian markets. But i am in Index put options Wink
I'm considering investing now in the FTSE 500 for the long term probable rebound.

might wait until the next spike drop before I do, though
401K was down 8,000 but I moved everything to savings bonds on monday, and monday posted the biggest gain in history, and I gained 3,000 back before the sold off my stocks and invested all in savings. I'll change it around when things get better!


You say you trade options, I just bought "Options Made Easy software" and I'm working on the tutorials trying to learn about options and trading them. Was I a dummy and bought something I didn't need, or do you think it is a decent purchase. It is 99.00 a month for the software and the live feed, so far I've had it 2 months, going into my 3rd. Haven't traded anything yet, still working on the tutorials!!

What'a ya think?

I have been able to keep my RRSP's to 10% loss. I was able to dump all my US equity about a year ago. My company matches my contributions though, so only half of the money is truly mine. Still sucks though. Everyone should pay attention to Bogger, try and decide for yourself when the market has bottomed out and then find some bargain investments you are comfortable with...
LumberJack wrote:
Everyone should pay attention to Bogger

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