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Asian Dramas?

Does anyone here watch any Asian dramas?

Once you get over the bad acting (in most dramas, yeh), a lot of them are really very good. I've become totally addicted to Japanese dramas since moving to Japan. Favourites include Maou, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Stand Up!!, and loads more.

Anyone else?
I love Asian Dramas too, especially Japanese Dramas. I watch them most. Among my favorites are 1 Litre of Tears, Orange Days and Nobuta wo Produce.

I liked Ikebukuro West Gate Park as well.

I also watch Korean Dramas but not as much as Japanese dramas. My favorite is Full House.
Nice choices! Orange Days was the one that initially got me into watching dramas.

And I'm heading to Tokyo in a few weeks, and can't wait to take a picture with the Ikebukuro Fukurou! Haha.

I must admit, I've not actually watched any Korean or Taiwanese dramas, as I've been using my Japanese study as an excuse to watch the dramas as much as I do.

I am interested in watching Mawang, though, now that Mauo is over, and the giant section of Korean dramas at my local DVD rental place has me intrigued!
I am an asian dude here, I watch them. The most favorites are My Girl and Fullhouse!
I liked the Korean drama "Only You", as well as "Save the Last Dance for Me". Also currently watchng the Tagalog-dubbed version of "Three Dads with One Mommy," being shown on one of the TV stations here in our country. Smile
oh right! i like "Save the Last Dance for Me" too!
I just finished watching kurosagi..and it is very good..
you guys must watch this japanese drama...
i was not interesting in watching japanase darama before (i like korean drama)..
bust since i watched kurosagi, i think i would watch japanese dramas much more..
anyway yamashita tomohisa is so handsome in that series...
aaa i hope there will be season 2 for the kurosagi..
I watched a few Korean dramas a few years ago. I usually only watched them if they had hot chicks in them, LOL! A lot of Korean dramas follow the same formula though and become boring quite fast, which is why I stopped watching. I haven't watched any Japanese dramas. I'd ask my friend for some recommendations because he's totally into J-dramas, but with all the anime i'm watching and school, I don't think i can add more shows.
Mrs Lycos
They are my favourites :p i love them specialy japanese dramas ^^.
My favourites are:
-- Anego (I loved it) ^^
-- Nobuta no produce (Nobutaaa power chuniu!)
-- Last friends ( drama!! Sad)
-- Kurosagi (so good)
--Cat Street
-- Dragon Zakura
-- Byakuyaku (sad pro)

And! Hana yori dango
I dont remember more Razz
Mei-chan no shitsuji


Hano Yori Dango

Nodame Cantabile

Honey and Clover
I'm adding Last Friends to my favorite Jdramas list. the special pissed me off though.
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