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Reinstalling Windows XP

A virus attack corrupted my Win XP. Now when I tried to repair the partition the first 2 times it did get installed except it kept saying some of the files were not found upon which i asked the istallation to skip that file. So XP did get installed but it kept hanging. So I tried repairing it for a third time but this time onwards it gets stuck at a specific point during the repair and doesn't move on. As a result I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP in another drive which is working fine but I can't access the MY DOCUMENTS folder of my previous Windows intallation. It tells me i do not have access.

Now is there any way that I can copy my stuff from that folder? Once that is done I can format my earlier Windows partition.

Also if I reinstall Windows XP over my earlier partition will I lose all my stuff in my MY DOCUMENTS folder or will they remain. What about the encryption then. Will I be able to access my files after the reinstallation.
The reason you don't have access is probably because the username and computer name has changed. I'm not sure if you can get around this, try logging in with the Administrator account in Safe mode.
Well I kinda got impatient so I reinstalled Windows over my last installation. Now it has created another Documents and Setting folder but I stall can't access my last one. It still says access denied. Any help would be much appreciated.
You will never be able to see that folder again. Best bet would be to format the drive and install Windows that way so you don't confuse your computer, or yourself.
Hey I found out that you can actually recover the files. I just did! Laughing All i needed was a software called GetDataBack for NTFS and damn it works. In case you have FAT file system then there's a GetDataBack for FAT. Cheers!!!! Dancing
Hmm, I didn't know there was software that could recover files from a locked drive, but congrats! Thank you for the share as well.
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