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If Goodbye Was Easy (poem)

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't fear these cold sheets next to me
The empty place where you used to sleep
Turning up the AC
So you would cuddle close to me

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't try so hard for a chance to run into you
Going every place that I know where you go
Driving miles out of my way
Just to watch you walk away without a word

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't lay hear feeling hollow and empty
Soaking this pillow with sweat and tears
Staying awake for days
Just so I don't miss you in my dreams

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't need this cheap bottle of whiskey
To drown these dreams of makeshift memories
Drinking away the demons
That have came back since you left me here

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't write all this sappy, pity me, poetry
Its plain to see that I miss our fantasy
Promising to never give up
Force feeding lies to ourselves in failure
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