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Lonely Night Time Cravings (poem)

Its surprising how far a simple suggestion can take you on a one way trip whirlwind romance. Not a moment to spare on second chances. Taking in all of the sidelong glances.Hiding holding hands like in our high school dances. And its a shame we have to play this game in a secret silence, trying to avoid prolonged stares while were meddling in affairs of the heart. And I knew from the start that things wouldn't stay simply sexual. I could tell the connection was there by everything we had to share, but life just couldn't be fair. Now were stuck falling in love with the emotionally taboo things we do to stay true to the ridicule we receive from those that perceive what we do as wrong. But it feels so right, why try to fight. Give into animal instincts, plead guilty to these crimes of passion and take our lashings. something sweet that hurts to good, more than it should. Bring out the freak in me so I can see why I love so violently...


Silently I sit and spit over quiet beats, singing songs between the sheets. Learning to let go to a love that faded away days ago. Thats the way it goes when you play the game that I wrote the rules to. And who knew that this would leave so many hearts broken and destroyed, depressed and unemployed. Lost in an ocean of unreturned devotion. Let the rumors be the death of me. Its not my fault you couldn't take the best of me. You gotta take the evil with the rest of me. Despite what you thought you knew I can love relentlessly. Just given the right opportunity...


Opportunities knockin but I'm ignoring the door, slamming shut the window, and hiding on the floor. And I know everything is wrong. And I know that everythings my fault. I know this is the result of a romantic combative assault meant to drag me into a life of sin and in.. fidelity. Then the reality check comes in and I bounce it again and again
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