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Next game for me, suggestions?


So I finally had the money and the free time to buy myself a real, gaming computer about a month ago.

I mostly knew what I wanted, and indeed have completed since Assassin's Creed and Bioshock.
I love open-world games, I love fantasy or sci-fi set games. I enjoy highly graphic games.

(HL1 as another example of a game I loved back in the day, which incidentally was ~ the last game I could run on my old PC.)

So, Do you know any games akin to the 2 games I mentioned?

I'm really clueless as to what should be the next game for me to play.

(Idly passing my time on Guitar Hero III 'till I got me the next game, after I've decided what'll it be..)

HL2, EP1,2
CoD 4
Get the orange box , its a good bargin for what you get
if u havent play it... try Deus Ex: Inivisible War...
fps-rpg mix, sci-fic...
its the second of the series.. and its not as good as the first game (kind hard to surpass in that sense)..
Its not a new game, but it still looks prety nice, especially if u install HR Textures..
il had recommended the first deus ex, the history and setting is awesome, but the graphics, are just to old by now..

on the other hand.. also if u havent try it.. play Thief: Deadly Shadows (3 of the series).. great stealth game.. also not new, but there is a HR texture pak avaible (from the same site as dx:iw textures)...

Deus Ex: Invisible War High Res Texture Pak (there are some screenshots avaible)

Thief: Deadly Shadows High Res Texture Pak (with some screenshots also)

thats what i can think of right now..

In my opinion deus ex 1 is alot more open and rpgish than deus ex: invisible war.

The thief series is great, and they also have some really awesome horror sections.

I played the original Thief on my old computer. The poor machine barely managed the graphics, but I was bloody freaked by the horror parts. Who'd've ever expected Zombies in a f*ing mine shaft..
Get the Orange Box, it's on sale everywhere, has Half-Life 2, Ep 1 and 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. You can't lose.
I have been hooked on Company of Heroes then the add-on for it Company of heoroes:opposing fronts.
Luckily i have a job which requires little to no work so we just end up playing multiplayer games all day and we tried out heaps.

Its not exactly like other RPG's as you dont have to have guys or machines out collecting stuff all the time. There is a limited number of points available to take over and you have to protect them and kill the opposition.

Its great fun with a lot of strategy involved (and a lot of yelling at teammates to pull their weight)
Fire Boar
Nobody's mentioned Mass Effect - it falls into all your "ideal" categories, and is a definite must-play. Provided you don't mind the DRM on it of course.
Oddw1re wrote:
HL2, EP1,2
CoD 4

Couldn't agree more.
Play both of the episodes of Half Life 2. Very good game play with a great story line.
Call of Duty 4 is just one of those games which a FPS gamer must play Very Happy

I also enjoyed Rainbow Six Vegas.
I would also suggest Halo 2 just for the heck of it
What is it about call of duty 4 that makes everyone love it so much? I haven't had to the chance to play it myself but I was kinda thinking about getting it.
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