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Network card problem !!

I recently had a strange problem in my computer, My internet connection is through cable and its connected to my computer by ethernet card,

Few days back i was unable to connect to the internet and I called the customer support guys they checked my PC and told me my LAN card is faulty.. but my lan card was installed properly and the network icon was up and showing in the task bar when i clocked on the networked icon it was working and it was connected to the network , but data send and recieve was zero..

Can you let me know what happend dose it happend with any one else ?

after I canged my lan can and I was bale to connect to internet .
after I canged my lan can and I was bale to connect to internet

So thats confirms your lan card was indeed faulty.There can be many faults associated with a lan card. Since they are very cheap like 150 in your currency, its always better to change it then to worry about faults.
hey i hav a similar problem rite now,,i cant connect,,the red-light in the lan card doesnt glow. the support dude doesnt want to chek my comp coz he says "obviously" the lan card is bad...wanted to ask ya poeople whther it is this "obvious" that if the lite goes off,,change ur lan card? and shuld i buy a new one?
Get a Linksys they're sturdy.
i got a lan card for like 1.50 before (maybe $3?)

i figure if it breaks i get another ^^;

easyest way to do things.
I used to be a network ccie certified Razz but in anycase, yes network cards do go...actually before anything else that is one of the first things you check when you are trying to diagnose a network problem.
ya like the other guy said, if you changed it and it worked it confirms it was faulty. lol
you would have to check the properties, if it says the device is working fine then it isnt a problem with ur lan card, but most people who try to fix these problems cant actually find the real problem and blame the best possible outcome.
hi had the same problem after a windows update
i fixxed the problem by deleting the card from the system in control panel system hardware area delete your card and restart your computer and it will find the card as new hardware and reinstall the drivers and add it to the regestry correctly

good luck
just try changing it nothing to lose!
Ok, if your a broke bloke like me, changeing cards just because could suck. so here's some other tips.

1) check the cat5 cable (network cable) possibly change it if you have a spare. These can get pinched, corrode and generally loose signal..

2) Check your properties on your network card (NIC) make sure that damn power saving thing is disabled. no reason to shut off the nic.. just causes problems. (unless your on a laptop Wink )

3) got a giant motor for some sci-fi type craziness in your basement? yeah those EMP waves are prolly jackin with your cat5 connectivity =(

4) change the blasted card. they do go bad from power spikes, age and general crappy productness. Linksys are good cards, so are 3com (but pricy) D-link can be ok.. netgear are great for hubs and such. stay away from names you cant prounouce that come in a white bag with a happy face sticker. those suck.

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