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something easy to do.

if you like loud music and have a car amp laying around and a sub that will be pushed by it... also a PSU..simpy use the PSU to power the amp Very Happy its easy as hell.
I did it myself.
it worked the fist time ... not trial and error at all.
i hooked up around 1000 watts... 12 votls.
to the amp hooked the memphis up (i would have used more power but i didn't wanna kill the PSU)
but it works really well.
you should try it if you're bored.
ill post pix later.
Is your PSU rate 1000W also? If not you might be in danger Shocked
It is 1000w peak, probably uses around 200w most of the time.

I've done this before. You connect the positive to the yellow wire, the negative to the black, and hotwire the power supply by grounding the green wire on the ATX 20/24-pin plug.

You can also use a straight car battery, if you're feeling dangerous. Twisted Evil
yeah. i don't think they make a PSU that will give the amp plenty of power... i also have the amp bridged.
i've used a battery charger (works nicely) but my amp took too much power it would pass the 12 on the voltage meter like how much power is being drawn out.
a 12v battery works the best though.
a battery charger with a battery does work the best though, just use thick wire.
Just to note, if you want to calculate the true power:

Prms = (Vpeak ^ 2) / (2*R), R is the resistance, Vpeak is half of the supply voltage usually.
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