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Perfect World

Well i looked on forums and could not find any topic related to this great MMORPG.

Well chineese made it, now bout 2 years, but for me is best MMO out there. last week got official perfect world international game out and servers started open beta after 3 weeks of closed beta testing.
Well many players now on servers.

still most familiar are malaysian server or MY-EN and MY-PH, cose thats where game got worldwide echo.

Lot of private servers too with high rates so they good for pvp.

PW is free 2 play game, but u can spend money on buying in game gold for shop with good mounts, flying devices, fasion clothes and others....
game is set in fantasie world that kinda reminds to chinese midle ages. Has 3 races to choose to play with each has 2 classes and each class has lot of unique skills to buy and upgrade. every class can also have prodoction skills to make armors, medicines, weapons and oter needed stuff and items.

Well races are: human - wizard and blademaster
untamed - venomancers and barbarians(they can transfom venos into fox and barbarians to mighty white tigers)
elfs - archers, great DDs and clerics healing and support type chars

Well world is huge, and u can actually fly in where u want once u reach lvl 30 to get flying mount, u can also use graound mounts as polar bears, horses, tigers.. well max lvl is 150 and it is very tough to reach it....

I hope i said nuff to make u interasted..
Well... Somehow this game is good, the character is somhow well developed, the world map is (again) somehow big but not hard to be explored - I mean it's easy and not takes too many times to reach every part of the map If you know how.

The quest rewards is amazingly good - you can level up and get lots of good equipment by only doing quest.

The only drawback maybe, the storage and inventory is very very very limited, you can run for 30 minutes and find you inventory full when find some equipment dropped on the ground, more over when you hunts and looking for collectible material from mining, etc, that will eats your inventory very fast - there's some way to increase your inventory and storage, you only able to increase your inventory using item mall - which of course "a bit" expensive, and you can increase your storage from 4x8 square to 6x8 by quest and more using item mall. which again, "a bit" expensive.

And it's somehow hard to sell all of loot items, since most of them could be really useful later on game, even items that you found from low level monster, without any good guide it will be turns that you must look on the low level area again to search the items or buy it from another player.
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