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Planning a 4 day trip to Bangkok in December. Can anyone recommend what to do there? Wholesome family stuff please, none of the ladyboys caberet thingy. Thanks much!
i like bangkoc and I love Thailand Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I am also going in december, but I am traveling to Phuket and I will be staying there for 6 months - next to the golf course and not far from the beach Smile

Once you are in Bangkok you will find a lot of things to do. Just ask at the hotel and look for expat magazines for places to investigate. Tour companies are easy to find as well if you are looking for a day trip outside the city.
We are also going to Thailand for four weeks and we are also going to make a trip aroud Thailand then we can see a lot of things there.

I love Thailand ,,,,,Land of smile
If you stop by Phuket leave a note here in the forum.
They have really good shopping in Bangkok so that's one day. Do a day trip somewhere nice another day. Cruise the river with the locals and ride the sky train. Dine out.
Bangkok ius one of the most beautiful places onthe earth
please do visit and have fun
bellebello wrote:
Planning a 4 day trip to Bangkok in December. Can anyone recommend what to do there? Wholesome family stuff please, none of the ladyboys caberet thingy. Thanks much!

Bangkok is absolutely great: plan to stay there some days.

The place to be, in Bangkok (I'm thinking about the accomodation) is Kao San Road. That's where backpackers go (but I think you can find some nice family hotels as weel). Kao San Roas id very very lively at night (restaurants, pubs, shopping).

Another thing not to be missed in Bangkok is the chinese district: so crowded, so lively, so polluted... unbelivable!

I've been to Chang Mai in the north, which is nice, and in Ko Samet and Ko Chang to have some days relax at the sea. All beautiful places.

Everywhere, food is gorgeous.
Hope PAD doesn't take over Phuket airport since I fly in next week Smile
Everyone is fleeing from Bangkok now... Hope the turmoil will pass soon.
even i am travelling to thailand in jan..
Is it safe for a woman in her 20s to travel alone in Thailand?
I used to live in Thailand for over 6 years when I was young. Lived in Bangkok for about 2-3 years. It's a very fun place to be. However, a friend of mine and his girlfriend died in the nightclub fire on New Year's Eve. He was burnt to death and apparently unrecognizable. So be careful of night clubs there with below-standard safety or fire doors.
Could be a lot out of date, but:

Floating Market.

City by Waterway.


Shopping is cheap and quite good. Some people like getting clothes tailor made, though I found the quality to be not that great, do some research before you go if you want to do that.

But, I always found Bangkok to be a bit too polluted. I prefer more remote areas of Thailand.

anybody here know how i can get invitation letter to go to any europe country and which country is the best to go just to stay for aweek?
don't forget your airfilter and do not forget to smile when saying 'no thank you'
Bangkok, locally known as “Krung Thep” which means the “City of Angels”, is a fascinating travel destination, frequented by millions of visitors from all over the world. The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is also the most important travel hub for whole of the South East Asia. Bangkok represents a fine blend of tradition and modernity. Visitors would appreciate its modern skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, along with the traditional Thai culture that still has its own charm. There are plenty of things to see and do in Bangkok, as the city boasts impressive temples, museums, colorful markets, as well as plenty of bars, nightclubs and cinemas. Bangkok offers its visitors a fine choice of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels, business hotels, to budget hotels. Bangkok hotels offer world-class facilities and services with a fine touch of traditional Thai hospitality. Hotels in Sukumvit, Silom, and Siam are popular among tourists, as they are situated along the Sky Train route. For budget travelers, hotels in Khaosan area promise to be good choice.

Amazing Thailand isn't it??

Come Join us... we are here at Nana....
Bangkok is very good place to stay even if the weather.
While visiting Bangkok with family, it is shopper's paradise. Beautiful malls, good salesperson, kiosk, bargaining, watches, silk clothes, embroidery, gifts and showpieces are worth looking and experiencing if not buying all the things. For places to visit you can found in any directory, crocodile farm, Kings places, Era-wan Hotel, Zen Mall, Sogo Mall, Robinson Mall, Buddha, McDonald, Gems and Jewelery, Diamond Jewelery, Massage by blinds, Chines, Thai, Indian Restaurants etc are worth to visit depending upon and your family's interest.
I'm planning a trip to Phuket, around the 20th of September this month.
If any tips, please do let me know. Very Happy
the most famous shopping destination all over the world...and then you have the famous you know what industry at large there..
Nice place for traveling. You can take details from online travel resources about famous sightseeing around it and best and convenient way to reach there.
Its a beautiful place and guide will easity available
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