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So who caught the series premiere of the new TV show called Fringe?

It's written/directed by creator JJ Abrhams. The same guy did Lost, Alias and Cloverfield.

Fringe kind of reminds me of X-Files quite a bit. Very similar aspects as to where the main character investigates weird situations.

The series premiere wasn't too bad. We'll see how it pans out the rest of the season.
I saw it, i thought its got some good potential. I'm not sure about the guy from Dawson's Creek though but time will tell. I'll definately be tuning in for the series.
I just watched the first episode of Fringe on TV, Channel 9 last night. It's a good mystery-action-thriller. Something like Lost but I reckon Fringe will be better since it looks more realistic. Up to what episode is it showing in the US now since they just started Episode 1 in Australia last night. Can't wait to see Episode 2.
I've seen up to episode 2, Kinda reminds me of the X-files series a few years ago. Some great sci-fi, although I didn't like the floating LETTERING or diff. places. It kinda made it look cheap.
I don't know if this series has the same storyline throughout the season or like X-Files with new stories each episode. Anyone know? I guess we'll find out soon.
The season premiere was very good. The second episode was rather shabby though. It lacked a general flow, and the scenes failed to build up tension. The direction was poor.
But the third episode was quite enjoyable once again.
I think it has more of a story line than X-Files. Although each episode has a story and an ending, the new mysteries kind of build up the bigger story. It's similar to House but with more mystery and t doesn't drag on the mysteries like Lost. So far so good I should say and I hope it gets better.
I found it quite good and quite similar to X-Files, but X-Files is more related to supernatural things.

Massive Dynamics is more powerful than DHARMA!
Arrr. I missed the 4th Episode! What happened in that episode?? Sad
I've seen up to the fifth episode, and I must say I enjoy it. Most of it has been shown before, but it has
a few new grips, and I find the presentation nice.

In ep 4, if I remember it correct, there was a few cornerstones presented. You can read the summary
at, where you find almost any series you like.
This last episode (The Cure) was not so good as the other ones. Seems that Agent Dunham is not having visions of John anymore. Wink
dickyzin - you can go to the fox website and watch them all for free, they are pretty good quality but there are a few 30 second commercials.

I just watch all the episodes on the fox website, the show it pretty interesting. It was weird how the agent Dunham just stopped having visions of John all of a sudden.
I tried the Fox website to view the full episodes but I get the following message. Is there a way to get around this?

"Thank you for your interest in FOX.
This episode is currently only available to viewers living in the United States."
It's a pretty good show in my opinion. Nice mix of suspense and sci-fi, doesn't take itself too seriously, and a nice bit of humour thrown in for added effect.

And who doesn't agree that Walter Bishop isn't one of the funniest characters on TV. Everytime he speaks i start laughing Very Happy
I agree that walter bishop is funny. Everytime he opens his mouth, he says something unexpected and it always cracks me up. The girl dunham however is incredibly boring. Would it kill her to show a little more emotion?
I'm a new watcher of Fringe and I am absolutely addicted! I can not wait until the season starts again.

I think Walter is probably my favorite character right now, and the Watcher is probably a close second. Anyone find him in all the episodes? Me and my friends have sat down and combed some episodes from start to finish and we can't find him.

And I agree, the actress for agent Dunham really needs to kick it up a notch. Her role in the show is almost mechanical, like they have her there just so they can based the show around someone.
Oh man, so excited for the new episodes. The last 2 have been awesome.

Was that really a younger version of the Observer?

And also, the character development has been great. I love seeing more sides to Peter and Walter, and Charlie as well. This show is really surpassing my expectations.
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