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Satellite Broadband

Hey all, I recently had satellite broadband ( installed at my place because we couldn't get normal ADSL broadband. Before satellite we only had dialup.

My service provider is Skymesh, and because the government pays for satellite installation for people who can't get any other type of broadband, we got free installation + a free modem. The first plan we started off with was at 512/256kbps, with 512Mb of normal data and 512Mb of bonus data (used between 11pm to 11am). I soon got shaped to 64/64kbps, which is another good thing about the provider: it doesn't charge for excess usage.

Because of that we decided to upgrade to a slower speed (256/128kbps), but with 1GB of normal data and 4GB of bonus data. That's another good thing about Skymesh, you can upgrade as much as you want in every month. This plan was $5 more than the other plan ($35) so we only had to pay $5 extra to upgrade and get the extra data.

So, does anyone on Frihost have satellite broadband, or have you had it in the past? What did you think of it?[/url]
i use satellite broadband few years back. it's not really reliable, and the speed keep changing. when it's raining there is no signal. lucky, after about 1 year, we got wired broadband in our area.
I have basic DSL at home, and it works great for me.

I considered EV-DO, but the cost is too high.
For sattelite providers its to expencive rent an channel on sattelite. Battelite is good for broadcasts. So price for sattelite internet = price for ground channel+rent of few MHz .
We had satellite broadband briefly. But we have 7 computers in the house all connected to the internet. One thing that really irks me about satellite is that they monitor your bandwidth and cut you back if you *gasp* actually use it. So now we're on 900MHz terrestrial RF. We used to run a 900MHz ISP here, so we're comfortable with it and know how it works and operates. There's no monitoring and it's fairly inexpensive (a HELL of a lot cheaper than satellite). I would look into that in your area if you get the chance. I'm not sure if they have it in AUS or not, but it's worth a shot, and I can't imagine them not having it there.

Here where I live, we couldn't get DSL, Cable, or anything either. Hell... was just a couple years ago that we finally got satellite access.
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