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Taking out louses

In many countries the louses in the heads of children that go to school is a true problem. To take them out is not simply to buy the propoer anti louse shampoo and godd bye louses. They return again and again defiing all mothers efforts to keep them far away. As long as there is only one child with louses in its head, your little brother or son/daughter gets rapidly infected with the little insects.

One wonderful job would be to take louses out from the head of children and to get paid by hour. Lets say 10 dollars an hour. In many places it would be a very profitable job.

Try it and then tell us how it went.

What do you think about this wonderful idea?
It might be profitable but it sounds kind of gross.
At my elementary school there was a rule that kids couldn't share hats or hairbands and I think that helped.

When my sister got lice, my mom covered her hair in oil overnight and drowned them. That worked really well.

I think anywhere in the world has those sorts of home remedies, so it would be really hard to make a profit.

(Unless you're Johnson and Johnson or something.)
You would be hated where ever you traveled. People would associate you with lice and avoid you like the plauge. If you have a hump and one tooth it might be a good gig.
Those in the UK over the age of 50 should have a distant memory from thier primary school of "Nitty Nora the hair explorer", or properly termed "The Nit Nurse". Every primery school had a School Nurse attatched to the establishment, who visited every oncew in a while to inspect kids heads (and other bits and pieces "Cough"). If nits (for those who don't know Brit term for Head Lice) were discoverd you were sent home with a letter and not allowed back in school till you were clear.
Hey, did you decide to go ahead with this idea?

I went to indymedia this afternoon and saw this--

jwellsy wrote:
If you have a hump and one tooth it might be a good gig.

Heh this made me chuckle. I think head lice may be viewed by many as embarrasing and probably a job a parent wants to do at home themselves behind closed doors without sub-contracting the work to a 3rd party, however like jwellsy said "If you have a hump and..."
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