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My blog redesign, please give feedback!

Hi all,
I'm doing a redesign of my blog, and I would love some feedback about it.
You can see the current design and the new one on this article on the blog:

And you can see the new design already working (As plain HTML, no WordPress yet) here:

Thanks to all!
Woooooow... dude, that's awesome! A bit hard to load, but it worths traffic!!!
Love that RSS thingy... Put this design on your blog faster!
Wow. Crazy cool man! The only I didn't like was the bright green footer color combined with the red and pink footers...kinda seemed christmasy to me...maybe it's just me though...
The site looks great. It was a little slow to load even with the fairly good connection and computer I have but I think the look is well worth it. I'd love to see content integrated into this layout. Great Job.
Īt looks good, really artistic.
As mentioned, the footer might be a little bit over the top, with such strong colours. But it works.
This is looks good and I think fits the subject really well. Sooooo. thats how you mind works eh?

Seriously like it. I noticed in the message box for input from users - - - would be nice to see cursor moved over?... small thing really ... moving on now.. right after I bookmark this site.

The textures for the banner would be the best part of it in my opinion. Try some overlapping, and some vectors that... make sense.
Under windows 1024x768
SeaMonkey 1.1.11 => OK
IE7 => Ok
FF => Ok
FF 3.0.2 => nope
Chrome => nope
Safari 3.1.2 => nope

so ok i thought it might be screen resolution problem i went to my server which i don't use much switch all the way up to 1280x1024 still site didn't show right under FF3

if you don't want to install FF3 then you can use
Um...I'm using safari and it works fine... Are you sure it's not something on your side?
fadirocks wrote:

... much switch all the way up to 1280x1024 still site didn't show right under FF3
works fine here @ 1280 + FF3
Loads quickly for me.

I absolutely adore the navigation links to the right of the page. You've made me want to learn how to do it for myself! Realy great stuff.
I like the graphics.. good work...
Mind telling me where you learned to make graphics like that, that is amazing. VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

So far ive told 153 people on my msn about it Very Happy
The design looks promising. I like it.

On the typography department, you got some issues. There are too many font faces used. Try to limit it to 3 different fonts.

Also, there's an issue with the content box being pushed down under the navigation. I'm not sure if it's because of my screen resolution (1280x800).

On your footer, I don't like the font used and the text is hard to read because of the polka dot background. The font colors used makes the text hard to read.

Lastly, I suggest that you fix the padding in between the boxes and text. They're all uneven.

I'm looking forward to see your design polished. It's promising. Smile
concept: somewhat new and different
execution: a bit lacking

Here's the line that tipped me off:
Well, after a while with this new design I felt the urge to redesign the whole thing.

Good designers redesign, great designers realign. The difference there is what's important. Cameron Moll wrote a great article with that title for A List Apart. Give it a read. Again, not saying its necessarily bad (although in Firefox 3.0.7 the content doesn't even appear until you scroll down) but that you can tell there isn't a clear reasoning behind it.

Keep up the good work. I especially like that you took the grunge style and twisted it, making it bright and colorful, web 2.0ish instead of, well, grungy and dark.
It's looks great but with Firefox you have to scroll down to get content plus some of the text makes your eyes hurt when you read it. Very Happy
i don't have the time to read all the given feedback. But i want to tell you my opinion.


Resolution: 1280 x 800 px,
Browser: Firefox 3.1 Beta 3
OS: Win Vista Home Prem.

It's a very nice layout but there is one problem. The content is displayed left under the navigation, and not beside it. I think it's only a question of resolution. But 1280px with is, i think the most common resolution, it MUST work with this resolution.

But it could be also a problem of the Firefox Beta...

Lg Steve
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