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Merged - Worlds end

World ends on 10/9
Yes it will
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No way!
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Hey people, do you really think that the black hole thing is going to happen on 10th?

Are we all going to die?

Is life going to be history?????

Well, no one has really thought of it that way.. everyone is thinking that its just false or something...

So whats your say?
The short answer is no, there is nothing to worry about at all.*

We have been kicking this one around on the Science Forums and the maths show that
  • The chances of a Black Hole forming at the LHC are extremely tiny**
  • If such a BH did form then it would be so small that it would take billions of years to do any serious damage
  • It would, anyway, evaporate by Hawking Radiation in a tiny fraction of a second.
This is a simple summary of the maths. A more rigorous explanation is provided by my friend Ed, at the Science Forums:
NewOlder wrote:
In a totally inelastic collision of counter-rotating protons travelling very, very close to c, the Schwarzschild radius* of the resultant mass (that is, ~123 proton masses, travelling at zero speed relative to Switzerland) calculates to 10^-50-ish metres, approximately that is, within a few orders of magnitude. Note, the likelihood that 2 protons meet head-on is given in proportion to the area they occupy and is extremely small.

However, the concern is that this object will then grow by accretion of other material.

The gravitational force of the combined object would cause all other objects to accelerate towards it. The time taken for collapse from initial rest at a distance of 1 metre calculates** at approximately 10^15 seconds, that is about the age of the universe. After this time, all material within 1 metre of the central object will have been accreted and the object's Schwarzschild radius will have grown in proportion to 10^-26 metres, approximately, or about 10^-11 times the size of a proton.

However, the temperature inside the ATLAS detector is held below 2K and the temperature of the object is given by Hawking's maths as hc^3/(16π^2GMk) at around 10K. Hence, it'll evaporate as clouds of material in short order.

* Rs = 2Gm/c^2
** t = (2/Gm)^1/2 From:
For co-moving masses, m1 and m2 kilogrammes, separated by r metres:
FNewton = G m1m2/r^2 = m1 a, where a is the acceleration experienced by m1 in free-fall towards m2. Conversion to units of time is via projectile motion relationship: distance = (initialspeed x time) + acceleration x time^2/2.

*It is important to realise that formation of mini Black Holes would be a fantastic result for science - it would provide some evidence for M-Theory and would give us some wonderful new physics to play with.
** Steven Hawking puts the possibility at less than 1%. I think he is being overly optimistic (and the probability is more like 0.1% or less). Hawking would love the LHC to produce mini BHs because that would provide experimental confirmation of his theory and almost certainly win him a Nobel prize.
ok thanks for that! now i can go to skool without any worries!
The LHC is not going to cause the end of the world any time soon. All the scientific literature I have read maintains that the physics behind it shows that any exotic particles (or micro blackholes, for that matter) will decay in a very short time (on the order of micro or nano seconds, from memory).
Latest news:
Has the LHC destroyed the world?

(Thanks Ed) Smile
An amusing and interesting link at the same time, Bikerman. Of course, if the LHC were to destroy the Earth, then nobody would be around to update that webpage...
If there was any risk to the planet,do you think any government in the world would of allowed this experiment to continue,the Americans get nervous when Russia take a few planes to Venezuela,if they thought for a second a few scientists in Switzerland were about to potentially end the world,im sure they and others would step in.

All theese hay-tek thingz confuze and bogle me mind...

Eh, what a waste. Just shows how, for LOADS of people, science, really is black magic.
Watch the experiment live at the link below.

Live webcam link
truespeed wrote:
Watch the experiment live at the link below.

Live webcam link

Ha ha ha!!!!!!! oh my god that was funny!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing

oh.... huhh.....
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