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What's the best product to sell on the last 3 months

As the subject line... this year nearly end and away...

Which products do you think they are the best for us to sell online
on the last three months of this year?
Do you have any idea?

What's the best trend... Toys, Jewelry, Watches or etc. Question
I think the best would be something you can use as a gift on christmas. This is something people buy despite of the current crisis.

So why don't you go for electronic stuff, like mp3 players and so on. This I think will sell.

Toys is also a good idea, because of the above reason.

I somehow wouldn't go for jewelry - somehow I have the feeling that people will save some of their money on this one.

Let know if you have a good idea that also works.... Very Happy
I think electronic stuff are very very high competition
and the ads cost are highly increased at this season. Rolling Eyes

About Jewelry, I agree with you that buyer may get
hard time to decide to buy them at this time however,
if they would like to give someone the worth may be
they will do. Question
I bought some jewelry and I hope I can sell them. The recession is killing small business initiator.
profbis wrote:
I bought some jewelry and I hope I can sell them. The recession is killing small business initiator.

The God will bless you,

Hopefully you have good luck. Smile
profbis wrote:
I bought some jewelry and I hope I can sell them. The recession is killing small business initiator.

I also wish you good look. Let us know how it is going on, I would be very interested if there is demand.

@the-guide: yeah, I think you are right that there is high competition when it comes to electronic stuff. But on the other hand that also indicates that there is high demand... Think
what about electric heaters. Considering gas prices you might be able to make a little money selling them, and you could advertise them as green i think
i think the best thing to sell, the last few month's, is.....
hard to say...a lot of people will get problems through the credit crunch, and so the have to sell some thinks, to get some money free. first, i think, luxery things will be sold out, things that the people don't need that much necessary for daily life...
iPhone's are definitely hot right now.
yeah...electronic gadgets are in demand now a days...most people and even our younger generation involved in small gadgets that they can hand carry and play anytime, anywhere and everywhere. So, i must save a lot of money so that I can buy an Iphone for me as my christmas gift.
I think air, covered in any nice paper, for example fee for domain names Very Happy
Gifts for Christmas, something unique, and relatively inexpensive. Rare products. I have very nice handmade jewelry, perfect for selling.
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