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College Application Essay

I was curious if anyone had any pointers for a college application essay.

I don't want to begin with the whole 'my summer at camp' or 'my favorite sport/hobby'. I'm unique and I want to relay that. I'm a very hard person to describe and not sure how best to portray this some-what wild but smart, strong but caring persona I am trying to relay.

What do you all think?
When I enter college, I also write an application essay. My topic is all about how the students choose their courses. Because some students did not choose their course instead it was choose by their parents. I hope you got my idea.
You've got exactly the right idea. The whole idea is to stand out. Well, sort of... the whole idea is not to be one of the applications which bores the admissions tutor to death! These poor people have to review hundreds, if not thousands of applications. To get ahead of the game you need to write something that not only sells yourself, but also keeps them wanting to read to the end.

Everyone applying will believe "I have always been interested in XYZ". Everyone writes that. Don't do it! Similarly, in your circumstance, everyone has been to camp - you're absolutely right.

Now, comes the hard bit. How are you unique? That's kind of a trick question, because in most respects you really aren't - hundreds of thousands of people apply to college for your subject. They will all have had similar education and similar interests. Fortunately, you don't have to prove you're unique - you just need to write a unique and interesting application. This is much easier! Laughing

What you need is a story. It only has to be a little bit relevant, but it does have to keep the readers attention. After you've got that, you can continue onto why you're an awesome student.

For example, imagine you're reading the following:

"I have always been fascinated in Subject: I love to RelatedActivity! ... "

Now, that's OK. But imagine an application which begins:

"I wrestled a bear once. It was a cuddly bear, but I wrestled it nonetheless... Blah blah blah. Even since I was a kid, I've had a tenacious and persevering character."

See? Now, you probably haven't wrestled a bear (even a cuddly one). And even if you have, you can't rip off this post any more Wink You must have some sort of story that can hook the reader into your application though.

Hope this helps Smile
I agree, Google it first or Bing it and find all the free help you can on the subject. To find out what the people are looking for in your admission essay.

I would definitely attempt to write something unique like you said, but keep it simple and honest!

I would imagine being a essay reader for a University would be mega boring in that every essay would basically be the same!!

Try contacting the College and asking them what they suggest as a format for the essay?

I don't envy you, and I missed out on this whole process because I went to a Community College first and then transferred to a 4 year college, so all they cared about was my transcripts and transfer credits, I did not have to write an admission essay or anything of the sort.

Plus, you don't need to write an admission essay to attend classes at most community colleges, or at least I didn't.

Good luck with it!!
AftershockVibe wrote:
What you need is a story. It only has to be a little bit relevant, but it does have to keep the readers attention. After you've got that, you can continue onto why you're an awesome student.

I'm not even sure you need that part. A well-written story is the key. I made my essay very casual. Definitely avoid the "Five Paragraph Essay" template and don't be afraid of loose, conversational grammar.
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