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Easiest way to type Maths in Web Pages?

I need to create web pages with Maths expressions and equations.

I'm looking for a solution that is
- free
- easy to learn
- easy & quick to use
- works in all (or most) browsers

I've been looking at LateX & MathML but haven't yet found the ideal solution.

Could it be that the easiest solution is just to use equation editor in Word, then save as html?

Help would be appreciated, especially from anyone one with first-hand experience
Microsoft has a similar program that helps to type maths formulaes but that is not free. Just google for some time and you will find an ideal solution
Hello neolite

I have the feeling that you're referring to the equation editor in MS Office. This is free - if you've bought MS Office, of course.

But I was already counting on that when I asked the question - it's part of the "...just to use equation editor in Word, then save as html?" solution.

If you're actually referring to a separate program, that allows creating Maths text for web pages, I should be grateful if you'd let me know which it is.

sounds interesting. i have come across that some years back bt not sure if it is still around here... you may wanna google. you will definitely find it.

good luck and keep us updated.
Hello All

I think ought to explain my needs a bit better. I'm tutoring an on-line course in Maths, based on the Moodle e-learning platform. I need to be able to do 2 things:

1. Make posts on the Moodle forums with Maths expressions
2. Create pdf documents containing Maths expressions

The second of these can be done using MS Word using its equation editor, but not the first!

Besides this, I should also like to be able to create stand-alone web pages with Maths expressions - but using free, easy to learn tools

Hi infinisa, I'm using moodle too.
To my experience, Math fomula inputing on web is a hard topic. Some companies provide private solution that is not free. But I guess you're searching for open source solution, at least free.
I'm also searching for this, but unfortunately I haven't find one.
even I faced this problem of representing math expressions on web pages, but i took the easy way out used MS Word equation editor to generate an the expression and then save the expression as image on the web page.

But if you are really interested in working towards alternative solution here is a link for you :

This isn't a tool that would directly solve your problem but has bunch of tips to help you out.

Hope this helps
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