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Just last night i've been getting these very annoying ADs on my computer...both visual and sound. "congratulations you've won a nintendo wii" etc etc. and i never use IE (i use firefox), yet it will pop up at random times with ads.

obviously something has installed itself on my computer. i downloaded spybot search and destroy and it ended up finding like 60 problems and supposedly "fixed" them all but i still get the ad sounds and pictures popping up on my computer.

i also keep hearing "click" sounds even when im not doing anything.

what else can i do to get rid of them??? i've never had this issue before...

thank you for any help/advice!
Ask the experts to help you out!

Read this:

Post a HijackThis log on their forums and follow their guidelines.
You definitely have some malware or a virus on your computer, especially if these ads pop up when you aren't running a web browser.

I have a few recommendations for you, program-wise.

In the above article you will find one of the best comparisons written about the various malware/spyware/virus removal software (freeware) that is out there. I recommend SuperAntiSpyware, as your prime tool.

Now, to prevent things like this from happening again, there are a couple more articles you could read, from the same website, but I'll spare you're time cause you need a solution now.

AVG Free (Avira AntiVir) - Great Antivirus Software
Website Link:

Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall - An easy to use and effective firewall to prevent unwanted intrusions.
Download Link

Best of luck to ya mate.

You should protect your computer with more software than only anti virus. Maybe you need something like spyware doctor, addaware, and many more. You can searching these software in with keyword anti adware or anti spyware.

Beside antivirus and anti spyware, you can use also firewall like zone alarm. The best and free firewall available.

Of course these software make your computer slower. But you can switch off them all if you are not online.

If you use Firefox, you can install firefox addon that avoid the script.
I suggest using this: spybot search and destroy, which can delete all ad ware.
You can try this.
snowynight wrote:
I suggest using this: spybot search and destroy, which can delete all ad ware.
You can try this.

If you had read his post you would of realised that hes tried that.
Install SUPERAntiSpyware professional, it's one of the best antispyware programs. Make sure that you update it and run full system scan.
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