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Sonic Unleashed!

Sonic Unleashed!! Who's looking forward to it? I'm hyped. I'm pretty sure SEGA is gonna save Sonic from what some might call a downhill direction. I think most of Sonic's recent games were at least decently fun, though... ... ...

Oh well, this game is looking good so far, and I think it will prove one of Sonic's best titles, and hpefully save him from impending doom.

Also, no matter what anyone says, the new WereHog idea is awesome. It's not supposed to be serious and cool and all, I like games when they have some silly/fun attributes. I say that's what makes the WereHog cool. I especially like him for the gameplay he'll be bringing in. It makes the game cool and earns my respect. People just wanna find something to complain about, I say...

I say there's a bad track record that indicates this is most likely another generic Sonic. Fun, maybe, but exceptionally lame at the same time. These games were only really good when they didn't attempt to make Sonic into some sort of eight-year-old's idea of a kewl kid and just followed a theme. Back then, Sonic was one of the more bad-ass videogame characters, and Tails the epitome of a sidekick: invincible and useful. (And now Tails seems to be about six. Right...) I expect decent gameplay but the game to be ruined by unbearable voice acting and the same old beat-to-death plot, which might be serious if enacted by a cast not composed of fuzzy forest animals.
sonic is awesome! Very Happy
I am definately looking forward to it, and am hoping it won't be garbage. While Mario works in 3D, Sonic doesn't seem to. So I am happy that a lot of the gameplay in Unleashed will be from a 2D perspective. But that doesn't mean the game will be good. It LOOKS good, but that doesn't mean it will be a good game. Nothing Sega has put out with Sonic in it since Sonic & Knuckles has been as good as those old school Genesis games.

I am hoping Mega Man 9 sells really well. Maybe other companies, such as Sega, will be compelled to release new games in the old school style. I'd love a new 2D Sonic game on WiiWare or Home or XBLA built using Genesis specs. It would be heaven, I tells ya!
Agree with that... Just a gigantic compilation of stages or something of the like, all in 2D. Using Genesis physics, of course. Then just throw in online versus modes, stage builder, and many more stages, and you've got a best-seller.
After seeing a gameplay trailer for Unleashed, I am less excited about the game. All I saw was yet more 2D gameplay similar to that in Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure. Yawn. Those 3D games didn't work well. I thought Sega would have learned by now. Hopefully there is actually a lot more 2D platforming than the trailer lead me to believe.
In theory they shouldn't have worked, but I just realized I have about 160 hours logged on SA2B, which is really kind of sad... I don't even think that game was that good. Maybe it's something about the chaos or emblems or something... The gameplay in 3D actually isn't bad; it's the characters that are obnoxious.
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