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RamBooster (free)

Read this before you check out website; same content that is on it;
I personally think it is really great, I use it all the time, and i get a lot of more ram!

Here are some key features of "Rambooster Bilton":

Shows the amount of free Ram all the time
Option to autolaunch at Windows start-up
Option to start minimized
Sits in the system-tray and/or taskbar
Sound effects available (You can replace the originals with your own soundfiles)
User defined alarm-level
Selectable amount of ram to free at alarm-level
User defineable retry-count
Possibility to reboot Windows
Possibility to restart Windows without rebooting
A popup-menu on icon, all the important setting can be done using it
Shows free ram on icon-mouse-over
NEW : Optional Cpu-monitor also with XP/NT
Option to run only if Cpu-usage is below user-defineable limit
NEW: Full support for XP Themes
Requires installation (Installation available)
Requires a special uninstallation-routine if InstallShield is not used NO
Installation package available
Installation package contains Uninstall support
Free user support available
Completely rewritten, still same good old GUI

Things RamBooster does NOT do :
Modify your system in any way
Defragment the RAM
Double your RAM etc.
Increase system resources (GDI and USER)

You get a lot of more ram - what about system performance? Is your computer really working faster with this ram booster enabled?
RAM defragmenters should never be used. It actually hurts the system. That and registry fixers can majority damage the system. Most of them are scams and you should never trust it.
I tried Ram Tweak onces messed up my RAM cards and had to get news ones. It seems like the program will help however it does not. Since the comes is constantly editing it and running program there is no way defrag it as some softwares call it. rebooting your system dumps the memory anyhow. they is why restarting helps. If restarting does not help you might require extra RAM. Normal computer these days run at least 512MB RAM support.
its best not to use these programs....

they eat up your memory in the name of freeing other programs... wats the sense in that? and also it automatically adds to the start up registry and then slows down the system as u continue using it

not recommended.
This above program is actually quite good. Been using it since 3+ years without any problems. Sometimes your memory gets eaten up without reason (poor windows memory management) and this program frees up that memory.
What a lot of people seem not to understand is that free RAM space is not a good thing like having free hard disk space.

If your RAM is free then it is not being used! Your Operating System should try to use as much of it as it could possibly need at any time. There would be no point in being conservative because otherwise it is just being wasted.

Similarly, there's no point in freeing it unless something else wants to go in there. Otherwise it's just a waste of time. Even things which are completely useless and in RAM still will be swapped to disk (and then left ignored, causing no harm whatsoever) when something else which is actually doing something requires it.
Well, I find the using the advanced system optimizers ram freeing software once every fifth day or so the computer is on helps free up a lot of memory, most which has probably leaked from my own applications. Razz
If You haven't enough RAM... buy more Very Happy It's cheap now Wink
could it run in Vista?

I agree with jackill, the RAM is very cheap now. It seems that we don't need such a software that don't speed up performace very much. Razz
i am running vista home basic on a celeron 2.6 ghz with 1 gig ram.

the cpu / ram meter runs at 100% cpu on average around 60% ram.

is there anyway of making the conmputer use the ram isntead of writing to disk etc?

You can't increase your ram with a software. RAM is a physical card thing you put in your computer box. You might be able to increase the virtual ram (you use free space on your harddrive as ram)
Try this
will check it out
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