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Has anyone read it yet? (It came out August 23rd).

I recently finished it. Did you like the surprise ending?

It was very good. I thought it was less adventurous than Eragon, but still very entertaining.
I've actualy wanted to read those two, but I haven't had the chance. So I assume they are both worth it? The story behind the writer and his age itself is a reason to read the books.

Do you recomend it?
I think they are very good. The second one is a little too "less adventurous", but it is still very exciting.
I read Eragon a while back and wasn't crazy about it, though I thought it was okay. Do you think Eldest is better?
I read Eragon a while back, also. I enjoyed the book. I'm sorry if I offend anyone by saying this, but it seemed to me like a Harry Potter type read. The style of it and all. I liked it a lot.
I don't think Eldest is better than Eragon.

I think the author had a good idea, but I believe is/was too young to begin his career with a trilogy. I believe he is 'stretching' the story just to make it be three books long, and in my opinion that is wrong. The book(s) should fit the story, and not make the story fit into any number of books.

Saying all that, I still think it is decent, and am awaiting the third book in the series, and look forward to more books by this talented author.
Personally, I like Eldest better than eragon. True, though, the author is kind of stretching the story.
They are ok -> above average, I guess. Could be better, but nevertheless an entertaining read.
a friend of mine is interested in reading it, should i reccomend it? and what about the author?
Eragon and Eldest were both really good books. I got Eldest like the day after it came out! I liked Eldest better though. Eragon was too short.
burzum wrote:
a friend of mine is interested in reading it, should i reccomend it? and what about the author?

If your friend likes dragons, you should recommend it.

This is from my memory, so some facts may be off slightly. The Author was home schooled, and these are his first two published books. He is/was something like 18 or so when Eragon was published.

Go here for more information:
I am a huge fantasy fan and Eragon and Eldest are some of the best I have read. They are really fresh (Don't you guys get sick of all the series that are just trying to make money off of the same basic story with different character name and settings?) I love dragons so these books had extra appeal to me. Does anyone know when the last book in the trilogy comes out?
I keep hearing that the new book, Eldest, is a bit cliche. Is that true?
ddukki wrote:
I keep hearing that the new book, Eldest, is a bit cliche. Is that true?

Well, yeah, it is a cit cliche, but what book that is written now, isn't??
I was given Eragon for Christmas, but I have yet to read it. Paolini seems to get a lot of credit for being so young and writting Eragon and Eldest, but Paolini has nothing on Mary Shelley. She wrote Frankenstein at his age.
the suprize ending was the best it makes you want to read the third book so much more. I love those hanging endings taht just leave you on your seat for the next book. Eragon was the same way. I think that and the fact that I love fantasy books is the reason why i like the books so much.

I reckon Eldest is better than Eragon. It is much more focused and there's more for us to discover about the elves etc. Im not saying Eragon is a bad book but i prefer Eldest. I can't wait to read them again. And i hope book 3 is even better than these two!!!
Inheritance series is really good considering the age of the author but i can see lot of similarities between It and Lord of the Rings and i consider LOTR the best book ever written.
Miss Saigon
I do understand the criticism of Eragon and Eldest, but it doesn't affect me because it's a cliche that I really, really enjoy!

The ending of Eldest nearly made my heart stop. I knew whats-his-name hadn't really died, but his revelation was very well placed. An argument to the cliched angle is that there was very little stress on Eragon's heritage in either book, whearas normally there would be some element of 'who is my father?' 'who am I?' etc, Eragon just got on with his life.

I really appreciated the story of Eragon's cousin in Eldest. (It's been months since I read them, and I can't remember anyone's names..) His part was occasionally tedious, and I wanted to skip ahead and find out what was happening with the exciting dragon part of the story, but all became clear at the end when it's shown that hey, it is important to find out about Eragon's family.
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