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Ways to find out encrypted CD Keys

I will be formatting my drive in a week or so, and I was wondering if there was a way to get CD keys from a game that is on my computer that is encrypted. The game is Battlefield 2: Deluxe Edition (the base game and the expansion pack), and i've tried everything I've heard of (I kind of lent my manual to a friend so he could install his game (he lost his) and...well, he lost it). I've gone into the registry editor and looked in there, but the CD keys are encrypted (it's a really long string of numbers and letters). I've also tried using a game key revealer, which just finds the CD keys on you computer, but it came back encrypted in that, too. I tried customer support, but they weren't any help either Confused .I've already ordered a replacement, but I want to see if I can still get this to work on another computer. Here are the encrypted things if you need them.

Base Game:



This may be one of the few times that it would be legal to use a keygen...
Other than that, you could try putting the encrypted keys into the new registry just like they are now, and hope that the game software encrypts the keys the same way every time.
ya, that's a good idea
While that's a great idea, most games require the CDKey before installing the game. For example, Diablo 2. You can't get past the installation screen without a correct key.

You could just copy the files of the game onto a thumb drive (flash stick) or CD (including the registry) and hope for the best that it works. Chances are that if you put the files into the SAME directory it will work perfectly fine.

Good luck.
Why you don't just export cd-key / serial from registry editor, save it to USB flash drive and import it to registry editor after fresh installation?
Like I said, some games require you to put the key (non-encrypted) in before installing.
i think the keygen is the only idea that's really going to work.
There's a program out there and I can NOT remember the name of it. I wish I could, but I'll describe it in case someone else out there can remember it. It's used for the purpose of backing up a computer without losing your programs. basically, it's almost like an imager, except you select what programs you want to back up, put the EXE file(s) into the list, and the program finds all the files related to that program and "stores" them. Then you can burn the data to CD, DVD, ZIP drive, second HDD, etc. When you are ready to reinstall, you pull from the storage area and into the program and then click on "reinstall" and it places the programs back where they belong.
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