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Why do Americans seem to go over the top for elections

For what seems like an age we have been bombarded with news about the various antice of the proposed candidates for the American President. It seems more like a Barnham performance that a political event. Definitely a carnival from start to finish (when ever that may be ), repoerted in the press with great detail as though it was an earth shattering event and up to now, the parties have only decided on who is to be there candidates-so what is all the fuss about, why not just have a vote at a convention rather than all the vaious states having meetinge etc etc etc. This would be surely more cost effective and avoid much waste of resources and money.
If you just had a simple vote you wouldn't be able to drag the whole event out over a year.
Well, it is a very important decision, so it deserves a lot of deliberation, but I do agree that much of what the media reports about it is just garbage. Unfortunately, there are plenty of stupid people around who think that all the junk that the media reports is important, so they pay attention. The media notices this, and covers more of it to get better ratings, and the cycle worsens. Luckily, we aren't be bombarded with political ads very heavily yet.
Because the media is competing for viewers, not trying to give valuable information.

Anyway, I would imagine the US Presidential election is very important worldwide as who we elect very much effects just about every country outside of the US in one way or another.
its a promise of a better tomorrow.
Why do other countries go so 'over the top' for revolutions?
ocalhoun wrote:
Why do other countries go so 'over the top' for revolutions?

Very nice Smile
Well we have over 300 million people in the United States, that leaves a lot of people who want to be in charge of that many people. Given that there aren't very many laws restricting the time that you can use to campaign, everyone wants to get the advantage by campaigning as long as possible. So that pretty much means that people interested in the presidency are campaigning nonstop.
ocalhoun wrote:
Why do other countries go so 'over the top' for revolutions?

Hmmm! People please try to remeber that there is more to vote for November 4th just the President. There are state, county and other local offices plus referendems that need your decision (or indecision).
yes, i'm an american and absolutely cannot stand all of the crap surrounding that election.. yes, i vote, but no i don't really want to hear all the bickering between the canidates months before the elction... i apologize to the rest of the world if you too are forced to hear about this nonsense
ocalhoun wrote:
Why do other countries go so 'over the top' for revolutions?

Nice comeback!

Really though, it IS just a bunch of hoopla, mumbo jumbo! Past experience has shown that out of everything that a candidate promises to do, he will probably not succeed in doing even half. And everything else promised is pure lies in order to win. There is more dishonesty in the political community, on both sides than there is anything good, and noble. The number of Americans that buy into all this crap is astonishing!
I got totally tired of this election before my mind was utterly made up. But to answer the original question, the selection of the President of the United States affects everybody in the world. That's why I'm so worked up about it.
'Furtasacra' I can't post a comment on your website, and I can't send you a PM. It sucks because I spent at least 20 minutes composing a comment to one of your blogs!
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