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The day after tomorrow

Have anybody watch to The day after tomorrow this movie.If is a good movie i watch before.Now our condition is sick.we must protect to our world just now.we must doing safeguard to safe our world ,our country.If we dont safe our world , our country,and destroy our world , our country,we will see the picture shows from the movie The day after tomorrow!So let 's we do something to safe our country just now.Thanks!wish all is right!God bless you!
I loved the Day after Tomorrow! It is a wonderful movie! I really loved Jake in it and it is just beautiful! I am currently saving money to buy the dvd Smile
i heve seen this movie in de bios it's a nice movie
i think its one of these overcast family drame, father searches son or doughder movies... nothing special Razz
well before i watched it i thought its a good film about natural desasters....
but i dont think it is.. it a flat film... not better then "The Fire"* "Hurricane"* etc...

* not real names Razz

ok some views were great .. but the rest... come on this story is lame Smile
Being a Donnie Darko fan, I was eager to watch this movie .. it was pretty good. Visual Effects were excellent, and the story wasn't too half-baked for another 'end of the world' movie. I'd rate it A-
this was really one of the best movies ever...loved all those special effects. and great acting done by everyone
This movie has been added to my DVD collection Smile

i could say it was (for me) one of the best movies
it had some really cool special effects, but the story line was week, and the actors werent that good. the special effects carried the whole movie, but they were so good that they made it a cool movie.
Very good movie with awsome SFX, i hope some people now can imagine what could happen if we don't stop polluting the environment.
the movie is not that bad but neighter good i liked the part when all starts to freeze. That made me excite the most and the last part when the father find them.
its nice movie !!
I've heard a lot of complaints about this movie that claim it has too many special effects and not enough plot. I personally think that the effects look absolutely gorgeous, and I think the plot is just as well formed as many other movies I've seen.

I recommend!

I loved the movie, the plot, the whole shebang ... except the ending. It kinda ended off a cliff. You had this great climax, a stirring story, and then the storm suddenly cuts off and you're left with nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'd watch it again.
this film is cool, it's very different, i dont know.. is.... yeah, different!! hehehe Wink but it's a good film, yeah
i like this movie too
i think it is a good movie
i think in the future it can happen in our world
I found this movie very good.
I don`t think that movie be so much fantastic.. maybe this thing happen in the future
The topic of this movie is obvioulsy of global importance. The movie , however, did not meet my expectations. The special effets were good but the plot line seemed contrived and predictable.
The topic of this movie is obvioulsy of global importance. The movie, however, did not meet my expectations. The special effets were good but the plot line seemed contrived and predictable.

I tend to agree with you. I did enjoy the movie to a certain degree but the storyline was a little predictable and eventhough global warming and polution is a very REAL threat, the disasters were a little too dramatic and sudden!
That kind of global change wouldn't happen over night, but over many many years of earth deprication and change.....however the governments initial uncooperative behaviour and concern is completely true!!!
Sorry, folks to spoil the idilly of the day after tomorrow.
I expected some originality there, but was disappointed
to see yet another clone of deep impact, which is a clone
of something else.

First, to make a point raised by someone above clear.
Mother nature made the earth's ecosystem into a well-balanced
environment. For every action there is counteraction. But
don't you guys think that the humanity needs a lot of
counteraction to become extinct. Just think about the
hurricanes. All you need is 2 degrees warmer on the ocean surface.
That's it, cat 5 hits the coast and you recently all saw
what disasters come out of such relatively weak natural anomalies.
(compared to meteorites, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.)

If polar ice caps melt, the green gas trapped in there for
thousands of years is going to turn earth into venice.

But anyway, back to the movie. I think it sucks. Sorry to say that.
The day after tomorrow is not about one man saving his son, who
is in love with a young girl. Movies like that should never be
personified. It's just that holywood can't really make it
without a central character, so it's a wrong place to shoot
earth-wide disaster movies.
I didnt think much of this movie, the effects were good but there wasnt much else to it, not very realistic at all and so of no value as far the effects of global warming lol a realistic film might have been a lot more boring though, just about the long term pressures of living in worse and worse conditions over a few decades at least, and probably longer.
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